M.A.D- Mad About Digital

Social Media Manager Needed

M.A.D- a digital marketing, communications and design agency, which helps brands to get online in this digital age. We are currently open for the post of a Social Media Manager. Interested candidates are expected to be recent graduates or individuals with some work experience and knowledge in the field of digital marketing and advertising.


  • Digital Marketing Strategies, Planning and Execution- Create digital marketing strategies to suit the client requirements.
  • Social Media Marketing- Use social media platforms like facebook, instagram, Twitter and others to connect with the customers and promote the company. This will include managing advertising campaigns on social network, develop digital marketing content calender, conduct contests and engage posts.
  • Client Servicing and Accont Management- Communicate with clients, understand their requirements and execute the same.
  • Content Creation and Marketing- Compose content for blogs, advertising, social media, newsletters, e-mails and other promotions
  • Repoting- Maintain a periodic reports of all digital marketing efforts and track the performance of all digital metrics.
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Our Requirements

  • Presence of interest, passion and excitement about social media & digital marketing
  • Must have good communication and writing skills
  • Strong on creative thinking(for campaigns,advertising,etc for promotion)
  • Project Management Skills
  • Abiity to manage numerous projects simultaneously
  • Excellent client servicing skills
  • Willingness to learn and undertsand analysis of social media insights
Interested applicants are requested to send their resume to abbas@madaboutdigital.co.in.

Please contact Abbas at +91-9886098041 for further queiry.

Thank You