Analyzing Viola

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Viola's Identity

Viola thinks that she's tough and that she can get to be on the soccer team no matter what she has to do to get there. Viola thinks that by turning into a guy she will be able to make the soccer team. When Viola turns into her brother she thinks she's doing something crazy but she knows she'll only doing it cause she really wants to be on the soccer team. Viola thinks she's a good soccer player, good enough to be on the boys soccer team but the team does not see her as a good soccer player. When she dresses up her brother she see's herself as brave for doing something like that because other people would've already gotten discovered but she knew how to keep it under control.

Viola's Gender

Viola is a girl, but when the boys on the soccer team think that she's not good enough to play with them she decides to dress up as her brother to prove that she can play soccer with the boys. When she dresses up as her brother in the beginning they think that she's weird, but as soon as she breaks up with "her girlfriend" they think she's cool. When she starts to hang with Orsino she falls in love with him. Then at the end when Sebastian comes back Viola tells him that its her game to wait over there and just before the game is over Viola confesses that she's not Sebastian that she just dressed up as him so that everyone can see that she can play soccer as well.
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People's Perception of Viola

People think that Viola is really chill and cool. When Viola goes with her friend to ask they guy to make her into her brother, then they think that she's a little bit crazy because they've never done something like that, but then she told him why she wanted to be her brother and he decided to help her. But when she dresses up as her brother everyone thinks that she's weird because she doesn't really know how to act like a boy quiet well. Then after she breaks up with her brothers girlfriend then they start to think that she's cool for doing that in a food place. When she's dressed as her brother since her and Orsino are room mates Orsino helps Viola practice for soccer and Viola helps Orsino with Olivia because he likes her, so Viola gives some advice to Orsino about what to do. When she comes out at the end of the movie they think differently of her and they let her play with the boy and they end up winning the soccer game.

Similarity and DIfferences shared with Viola

Some similarities that me and viola share are that we both have siblings. She has her brother Sebastian and I have my sister named Maribel. Another similarity that me and viola have is that me and her both have kept a secret and come out to people even if they think we're weird. One difference that me and Viola share is that she's brave for dressing up as her brother, if that was me I don't think I would be able to do something like that because I would be scared to get caught and I know I would get caught right away to because I don't really know how to keep things hidden. Another difference that me and Viola share is that she knows how to handle the double role she plays, she knows when she needs to act as herself and when she's supposed to act as her brother, if that was me it would be so hard for me to handle it because I can barley handle being a girl, since I'm not fully grown I don't know everything that needs to be learned about how to be a girl, some things I learn each day and other times I learn something new like in 2 weeks.

Viola's Identity (Text)

In the play "Twelfth Night" viola sees herself as herself being able to win over Orsino's love. She thinks that when she dresses as her brother that she'll be able to get going with it but she really doesn't because then they can't believe that she dressed as her brother to get the person she loves. Viola also thinks that she's able to handle both lifestyles as being a girl and a boy at the same time when she really can't. Viola also see's herself as not hurting anyone in the play. "Why are you talking like this? I never hurt you. you waved your sword at me for no reason, but I was nice to you I didn't hurt you"(V. I. 179-181).
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Viola's Gender (Text)

Viola is a girl but in the play Viola acts like a boy just to get Orsino's love. Viola can't tell Orsino that she loves him because she doesn't want him to know quite yet. She first wants to dress up as Cesario and pretend to be his friend so that she can out more stuff about him like what he like's and what he likes to do. But what she doesn't think about is how they're going to react when they find out that she dressed up as Cesario just to get Orsino's love. Since viola wants to turn into Cesario she asks the captain if he can help her conceal her identity and if he can present her to Orsino, Viola says she wants to be Orsino's servant. " I prithee--and ill pay thee bounteously-- conceal me what I am, and be my aid for such disguise as haply shall become the form of my intent. I'll serve this duke. Thou shall present me as a n eunuch to him" ( I.ii. 48-52).

Viola's Perception (Text)

In the play "Twelfth Night" everyone else see's her as a good person until they fin out what she did then they think differently about her. When she first comes out in the play they think she's really nice and everything. When she asks the fool for helping dressing up as Cesario that's where they start to ask themselves about why she's doing what she's doing. "Do not embrace me till each circumstance of place, time, fortune, do cohere and jump that I am Viola. which to confirm ill bring you to a captain in this town, where lie my maiden weeds, by whose gentle help I was preserved to serve this noble count" (V. i. 242-247).

Viola's Similarities and Differences (Text)

Some differences that me and Viola have in the text is that she likes to wear dresses a lot and I don't really like wearing dresses. I only wear them if I'm going to a quince or a nice party but other than that I don't really like wearing dresses. Another difference is that she wrote a note pretending to be someone else just to get Orsino's love. I can't do that if I like someone I would just talk to them about how I feel about them and see where it goes from there. One similarity that me and Viola have is that we both like to keep things hidden when it comes to being in love with someone. Another similarity that me and Viola have is that we both are good at giving advice to other people when they need it. I think that's one of the good similarities that me and Viola share.
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