Victorian period

Tajanique ware , Lazarus Williams

They fully believed in hypnotism, divination, and spiritualism. They would attend many public events where they would be hypnotized, speak to dead loved ones, or have the future read in tea leaves.
Yep, the Victorians had to worry about pollution as well. Their pollution was from the burning of coal, which left a nasty thick cloud over most industrialized cities. This meant that women who wore light colors would come home to find a graying of their dresses. It also meant that walls had to be cleaned in the spring to get off the black soot all over the walls from burning coal all winter, hence the term spring cleaning. It also turned most ceilings black
The two greatest Victorian poets were Alfred lodge udon and Robert browning both began writing poetry in emulation of the major romantic period
  • Britain became the most powerfuand richest country l in the world, with the largest empire that had ever existed, ruling a quarter of the world's population.
Victorians attitude they were eartness ,self-satsfication and anxiety