Getting Ready For Your Class

It's really easy!

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I will be bringing the "ON TIME" Door Prize

People with good intentions, forget! So when you do you 48 hour reminder CALL and TEXT REMINDER let them know that you just found out:

  • "You get entered into the drawing twice when you bring a friend (not counting spouse even though spouses are encouraged to come) See ya in a few days!"
  • OR " Looking forward to having you come Sunday afternoon to the class, and by the way, I found out that the "ON-TIME" Door prize is drawn right at 2:33 pm. So come a bit early if you can.

If you have Wild Orange oil from the Class In The Box we can use these as extra raffle materials so everyone feels "lucky" when they get one instead of not having enough since their is only 10 bottles. We can also use the Wild Orange as an incentive for those that enroll that day of the class get to take bottle home with them. I will come 30 mins early to help set up my oils and diffuser and answer any last minute questions!

- Kylene Lessig

You are the class starter!

You don't even have to TEACH the class. All you would do is be the class "starter" welcoming your guests and introducing the presenter. Here is a good way to do it CLICK HERE. If you have any questions, please contact me! Remember to relax, looking forward to getting to help meet the needs in health if possible - Kylene Lessig
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