Come To Harappa!

You'll never want to leave!


During your visit to Harappa, You'll get to stay in a luxury home. Each home is equipped with windows looking out to a beautiful courtyard and your own private bathroom. Clay pipes lead from the bathroom out to sewers located under the streets, so you don't have to dispose your waist. Each house is made with baked clay and have one or two rooms.

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As you visit Harappa, enjoy some warm, tasty wheat bread served with barley or rice. Our farmers work very hard at growing peas, melons, and dates. They herd sheep, pigs, zebus, and water buffalo.


On your way to Harappa walk straight until you see the Indus River. Get a boat and turn left when you are in the water. Once you reach farmland get off the boat and make a right. After your right turn walk straight until u see a one or two bedroom house.