Canadian Survival Skills


1. Keeping Warm in the Canadian Wilderness

While you are in the Canadian Wilderness you have to keep warm. All you have to do is make sure you bring a heavy jacket. Make sure you have under layer especially if it is winter. But if you didn't making a fire would help if you know how but if you don't I will show you how on the next page.

2. How to make a Fire

When making a fire you will have to do something. First you have to move things away so that you don't make the wild burn. After that you have to pile up a bunch of sticks to make the fire. Get two more sticks and then make an adult rub them together. Making a fire is not that hard but only a adult can do it remember that.

3. Finding your Food

We all need food right, so here is what you need to do. while you are looking for food make sure to stay close to the trail unless you find food. The food that is in the Canadian Wilderness is flowers, Berries, Maca Powder, Wheatgrass, and etc. But you have to make sure that it is not poison because you will die. So find your food and be careful in that wilderness.

4. Having Shelter

Now that you are in the wilderness it might be dark and you want to go to sleep. So what you need is a shelter because you are tried. What you need for that wilderness is a Wicki-Up shelter and this is how you make it. First you would need to get poles, brushes, and vegetation. Then find the poles and forks once you find those lock the forks together to build the freestanding tripod. After you make that put the poles around to create the tipi frame and then finish the shelter of with the vegetation layer.

5. Self- Aid in Natural

If you get injured in the wilderness you have to have something to cure it. So what you need is Incest repellent and Aloe. Those things help keep the bites or injury from happening. Also they may help cure the bite quicker than other things you have used in the wilderness.

6. Getting your water

While you are in the wilderness you want to have a drink because your body is made of 60 percent of water. To find the water you would need to is a cloth or a piece of bamboo. With that you can put the water in it some that you can actually have water to drink out of. You will find a drink of water in rivers, streams, and rafts. After finding the water make sure that you will be okay of drinking dirty water.

7. To find your way around

When you are in the wilderness you have to now where you are going. Having a compass is the best way to keep track of where you go and how. All of it is simple, have a compass with you it will show your North, South, East, and West. You have to know because if you don't you will be lost and staying in that wilderness will be hard. So having the compass will help you stay on the trail.

8. Having the best emotions in the wild

While our emotions in the wilderness in not on the top of our heads, when you are in the wild then you will have an emotion then. If you think about the bad things that are going to happen, you will might not stay that long in the wild. If you think about good things then you will survive better and concentrate.

9. Having a knife

To make it through the wilderness you would have a knife because it will help you get through the trees. All knives are good to take when you are going in the wild because there will be a lot of sticks and leaves in your way so you need to cut them down. Keep them safe because if you don't then you will be in big trouble without the knife.

10. Keeping away the bugs

There will be bugs that will bother you and swarm around you. So what you would need is insect repellent which when you put it on you body it will keep the bugs away. The bugs won't hurt you but they might bite so make the use of the bug repellent. Don't waste to much of it or it will be gone and you will just be bitten by them.