Allergan The Truth Comes Out


The American People At Risk

Allergan, a pharmaceutical company, was illegally marketing Botox to doctors with the intent of using it for practices that are uncertified by the FDA. This puts the American people at risk because doctors were illegally using this drug on patients. The manufactures claimed that this drug could do things that were unproven to be either true or safe.


Company sales representative Albert Hallivis blew the whistle on his company's illegal practices.

Albert Hallivis

  • sales representative at Allergan
  • was told to market Botox for off-label uses that have not been approved by the FDA
  • because it is illegal, he called the FDA to report this crime against Allergan
  • The whistleblower lawsuit was filed under the False Claims Act in 2010
  • He still works at Allergan today in Atlanta
  • was joined by other whistleblowers across the country who witnessed the same crimes

The End Result

In the end of the trial, Allergan had to pay a total of $600 million in settlements. $375 million in criminal fines and $225 million for a civil settlement with the states and the federal government. Albert Hallivis is still a Botox sales representative at Allergan today and was the first to expose the company.

My Reaction

I believe that more people should expose companies, such as Allergan, that break the law in order for personal gain. When companies break the law in this manner, they endanger the public. If more individuals exposed their company's actions, the world would be a safer, healthier place.

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