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Success of our 2013 Summer Camp

As we reflect on our 2013 Summer Camp, it was wonderful to spend our time with our talented campers and it was a truly amazing experience to watch them learn while having fun and to see them building on the skills that will serve as part of their tool set for the future.

We would like to personally thank each one of you for helping us to make this Summer Camp such a success. We are posting the video-collage at the end of this article for you to enjoy.

Now it's back to school again, and we are preparing more exciting after-school activities for the school year. See the information at the end of the newsletter for our upcoming programmes.

GameDesk Agora Summer Camp 2

What is iKidsFuture (partnered by GameDesk)?

iKidsFuture and GameDesk have formed a partnership that has made it possible to bring the latest educational trends to Mallorca. GameDesk has been named one of the “Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Education.” iKidsFuture was also nominated by Fundación Telefónica as one of the "100 Education Innovators." iKidsFuture makes it possible for your child to access cutting-edge educational content from GameDesk and our other leading educational innovation partners.

After-school Activities for the 1st Quarter

The iKids Club is an enriching After-School programme that provides an engaging mix of fun and structured science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) activities that the children absolutely love.

For this 1st quarter, we will be repeating the Scratch 2.0 programme that we had at the Summer Camp, but going much more in-depth. The Summer Camp was short and the children were briefly introduced to all that they can do with Scratch. Now, they will dive much deeper into the concepts of interactive software design.

As a surprise to the children, we will be introducing science projects, maker camps, apps, entrepreneurship, finance, and other fun activities within the Scratch classes.

If you would like your child to continue to have fun while they learn many of the 21st century skills that will be critical to their success in the future, you can sign them up at the Secretariat desk at Agora.

This is the basic information for our after-school Scratch activities:

Group 1: 6 - 9 years 1EP - 4EP

Group 2: 10 -12 years 5EP-1º ESO

Dates: From September 15 to December 15, 2014

Place: Computer Room (Next to the Library)

Please call 971 684 042 if you have any questions.

We will keep you posted on all of the new After-School activities that we have planned for the rest of the school year. You can be sure that your children will have the newest, most up-to-date educational content from GameDesk and our other leading educational innovation partners.

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