Friday Focus

January 7, 2022

In this Issue:

  • A Message from Marcie
  • Extracurriculars Resume Next Week
  • Livestreaming Clarification
  • MAP Testing
  • Middle School World Language Night - 1/20/22 @ 6:30
  • Winter Weather Guidance
  • Traffic Safety Reminders
  • Sign Up for SHIELD Testing
  • SHIELD Testing Opt-Out

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  • NEW for purchase - South Park Winter Spirit Wear
  • Family Bingo Night - Postponed
  • Order Marla's Lunch - January-June
  • Fun Lunch Volunteering - We NEED you!
  • Winter Enrichment - registration open
  • Cute pictures? Send to the Yearbook!

A Message from Marcie

Welcome back to school! We had a great first week back to school amidst the challenges of some staff and students being absent. We wish everyone that is out of school a very healthy return and we are thinking of you!

Please take a moment to read the communication from Mr. Mike Simeck and consider the following requests:

  • SHIELD testing is a benefit to all of us. This is truly a time for all of us to pull together. Participating in SHIELD testing helps us limit the spread of the virus within classrooms and buildings. We can’t encourage you strongly enough to help us by having your child test. The sign-up link for SHIELD testing is linked at the bottom of this newsletter.

  • If one of your children tests positive, we’d ask you to keep siblings home unless or until they test negative. While guidance states that vaccinated siblings can come, our experience with the Omicron variant is that all of the kids get it if one gets it.

  • Send your student to school with an age-appropriate and form-fitting KN95 or N95 mask, if possible. Cloth masks are not effective against the new variant.

We hope that our South Park community stays healthy as we continue everything in our power to keep kids in school!

Have a great weekend!


Extracurriulars Resume Next Week

We are prepared to resume extracurricular activities next week. The following activities are considered extracurricular at South Park:
  • Art
  • Choir
  • Destination Imagination
  • Library Squad
  • Student Council

All participants must have a signed consent form and be signed up for SHIELD testing in order to participate. Dr. Faust sent a separate email to the families of students who are rostered to one of these activities listed above with additional information.

Livestreaming Clarification

We are doing our best to make livestreaming possible for children who are eligible. As a reminder, livestreaming is only available for students who are isolated due to being COVID-positive, quarantining as a close contact, or who have COVID-19 symptoms (or who have a family member with symptoms) and are awaiting a negative test result.

If your child is sent home mid-day and is eligible for livestream instruction, please note that access to the livestream will begin the next day for your child.

Managing a class of in-person learners as well as students at home is challenging for our teachers. We appreciate your understanding that the livestream home experience will not be as interactive as when we were fully remote last year. Our goal is to provide children with direct lessons in math, writing, and reading to keep them caught up with as much instruction as possible during their absence. To that end, teachers are not expected to provide a full day of learning for our students livestreaming from home. We welcome students to hop on and off Zoom throughout the day during times when these core subjects are not being taught.

I would like to thank our teachers for doing an incredible job supporting our students who are learning from home and look forward to having all of our South Park penguins back soon!

MAP Testing

Between January 10th and January 28th, our schools will again administer the Math and Reading MAP assessments from the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA). The South Park schedule can be found below.

As a reminder, winter MAP data provides us with a mid-year, point-in-time snapshot of a child; however, a triangulation of data gives us a deeper understanding of each individual student. For example, classroom assessments, mastery of standards, and day-to-day performance also inform our instructional practices.

While absolutely no preparation is required/needed, you may view this practice test if you have any desire to see what the assessment looks like. The username and password are both the word “grow”.

If your child is out of school due to a COVID-related quarantine, your child's teacher will be in touch with you about makeups.

Big picture

Middle School World Language Night Zoom - Save the Date

Thursday, 1/20/22 at 6:30pm: The Caruso and Shepard World Langage Teams are coming together to share information about our wonderful language programming for our incoming Bluejays and Spartans. Drop into the Zoom session to hear from the teachers and learn about our curriculum highlights in Mandarin, Hebrew, French and Spanish.

A Zoom Link and Q&A Document will be shared prior to the meeting.

Winter Weather Guidance

Due to the frigid temperatures, we have a series of days of indoor recess. Please be aware that as temperatures rise, we will go outside if the temperature/wind chill is 10 degrees or warmer, so please send your child to school with coats, hats, and gloves.

When there is snow on the ground, please make sure your child also brings boots and snow pants if they want to play on the playground or in the snow. Students who do not bring these winter items will need to remain on the blacktop during all of recess.

Traffic Safety Reminders - Reminder

As we head into the new year, I want to take a moment to remind families about traffic safety at South Park to keep all of our students safe. Please take a moment to review the following reminders:

    • Always require your children to enter and exit your vehicle from the passenger side to the school-side sidewalk. In other words, don’t let them step in the street.

    • If you drop your child off in the front circle, do not exit your vehicle. If your child needs help, please roll down your window and ask a staff member to assist your child.

    • To improve traffic flow, drive clockwise around the school — keeping your car on the school-side of the road. Always turn right into the school. Cars that travel counterclockwise congest the flow and increase the danger.

    • Follow the posted speed limit for school hours, and never drive through a bus stop arm or stop sign.

Important Dates

January 10-28 - MAP Winter Testing Window

January 17 - No School - Martin Luther King's Birthday

February 21 - No School - President's Day

February 22 - No School - Institute Day

Sign Up For SHIELD Testing

In a world where COVID testing is hard to come by, free SHIELD testing is offered weekly to all students and staff at DPS 109 schools! Test results are generally reported within 48 hours. You will only be contacted with a positive result. To opt in to SHIELD testing, please log in to Family Access below to fill out the consent form.


This opt-out will be for testing on Thursday, January 13th.

Fill out this Google Form prior to 7 AM on THURSDAY, 1/13.

*Please note that if you have consented but want to opt out of a week, you must fill out the form every week.