Voltaire was born in Paris on November 21, 1694. He died on May 30, 1778.

Voltaire was sent to Tulle in 1715, after 2 years he went back to Paris in 1717. when he went to back to Paris he got sent to Bastille for 1 year. He was sent to Bastille in 1726, before going to England. he fled to Lorraine in 1733. Then wrote Candide in 1759. Voltaire went back to Paris in 1778 and died on May 30.

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Voltaire's work fell into four major categories : poetry, plays, historical works and philosophical works. Some of his plays were Oedipus [1718] ,Mariamne [1724] , Zaire [1732] , Mahomet [1736] , Nanine [1749] . Some historical works were The Age Of Louis XIV in 1751, and Essay On The Costumes And The Spirit Of The Nations in 1756. His philosophic works were written in forms of short stories. One of his famous works was Candide made in 1759