My Digital Footprint Evaluation

By: Miguel Montes

The Importance of a Digital Footprint

A digital footprint is a desciption of you and what you have done thats on the internet. Your digital footprint is very important because it affect your future in a positive or a negative way. Its going to affect your carrer in a large way due to your past.

My Digital Footprint Consists of:

  • Twitter
  • Blogger
  • LinkedIn


I used twitter to show people that I support my school and I would also support my job. Twitter is going to affect me in a positive way in my future, Because I posted a lot of good things about me and my school


Blogger is going to impact my digital footprint in positive way, because I have my own blog that I created. My blog is based on a project I did my Junior year in High School. I build a popsicle stick house and i learned a little on architecture. This blog can help me in the future if i want to be an architect.


LinkedIn is probably the best tool that is going to impact my future. LinkedIn is a website where a lot of professionals contact each other about jobs and business contracts. I have an account as well on linkedin It shows who I am and what jobs I have experience in and what I have done in my past thats going to impact my digital footprint in a positve way.

Impact on your future:

  • Positive
  • Negative


It can impact you in a positive way because the good and positive things you have posted are out there, so if your doing a job interview they know that your a man thats on time does his work well and is organice.


It can also impact my future in a degative way because of the non professional/inappropriate picture you posted,videos, and the posts or tweets


I can keep posting positive things on my social media accounts Twitter,LinkedIn, and Blogger

Maintaning my Footprint Positive

I learned that you have to be consistant on your jobs and homework. Be on point to class respect you teacher and work hard for what you want in your future.