Culture Book

By: Maggie Howell

Folk Culture

A unique piece to my house and family would have to be our dining room table. It came from my great Grandfather who hand crafted it and has been passed down the family line to us. I've remembered it being around ever since I was born. It's worn at the edges, stained, and scratched with the wear and tear of many projects and meals that have taken place on it. Nonetheless it's full of so much life and so many stories that are meaningful to my family, so it would be foreign to not have this table in our kitchen. I would have to say that being a family of 5 things can get kind of hectic and crazy, so although we do try to always spend time together as a family it's not always an option. So overall I wish that we could spend more time together just relaxing or playing games or even going to the movies more often. I truly enjoy being able to hang out and make memories with my family.

Holidays and Special Traditions

The holidays for me means spending time with family. We are Christian so we celebrate Christmas and Easter. More specifically around Christmas time we will always attend all of the Christmas eve services (same rules apply around Easter time), considering my Dad is a minister. Christmas morning we make a large batch of Sausage Pinwheels (family recipe of course)! Then we will spend all day opening presents with family and at the end of the day we all gather together to eat a Christmas dinner. Other than that we celebrate the usual Fourth of July, Halloween, Valentines Day, St.Patrick's Day, etc. We aren't big on traditions but there is one thing that we always do which is anytime someone has a birthday my Grandmother will make her original recipe chocolate cake. Like we always say it's not a birthday till someone makes the chocolate cake.

Popular Culture

A big piece of pop culture that affects me and family would be music. We are all constantly listening to music and finding the next greatest song. Music takes up such a big part of my life that I really couldn't live without it. It also is one the most heavily influencing impacts on my life. Movies and TV also play a big part in our lives. We are constantly quoting the latest movie or TV episode we watched. Individually I would say that "Tumblr" has a big impact especially on the fashion aspect of my life. "Tumblr" would have to be my favorite social media site, although if I had to I could live without it. Speaking of technology my phone does take up a big part of my life but the only reason I couldn't live without my phone is because I need it to keep up with my favorite music and to keep in contact with my trainers at horseback riding. Also I honestly am not big on texting and when I do text people it tends to be school related.

Creative Expressions

When I'm not at school my life consists of horseback riding, homework, and sleep. I'm always out riding at the barn 24/7. I love riding and have been riding for the past 6 years. I also enjoy to cook and I like to go boating out on Lake Grapevine. On the off chance that I don't have horseback riding or homework I will most definitely be reading. You will always find me listening to music. I always try to capture the beautiful things in life so I try to always have a camera with me because you never know when you might get the chance to photograph something amazing. I also just enjoy to be outside because I find it very relaxing.

My Education

I definitely plan on heading off to college though I do not know exactly where I plan on going or what I plan on doing, though I have thought about going into the Equine Veterinary field. I also have considered following my passion for photography or cooking. If I am to go into the Veterinary field I would love to go to Texas A&M and receive a DVM in Equine Veterinary Sciences. I have always had a love for animals since the time I was born so I feel the strongest urge to be a Vet.