ASP Newsletter

May 2015; Edition 2

ASP; Year in Review

It has been a busy year in the After School Program. In the fall we enjoyed Gardening, Sisken, and Archery. In the Winter we did Cooking, Reptiles, and Clay Creations. Now it's Spring and were doing Book Mobile, Running Club, and Gardening again.

Gardening Club Questions and Answers

Q: What is your favorite plant to grow?
A: Carrots.

Q: How long have you been working at the After School Gardening Program?
A: About 9 months.

Q: Why did you want to work at the Gardening Program?
A: I like gardening and working with other people, so I thought that working for the program that I would get to do both.

Saying Goodbye to the ASP

Thank You to Ms. Janet, Ms. Colleen, and Mrs. Sefcik for a wonderful year; afterschool will never be the same without you. We will all miss you over summer break.