Alan Turing and Tim Berners-Lee

Tim Bernes-Lee

Tim Bernes-Lee was the man who invented the world wide web. He was born on the 8th of june 1955 then he sudied at oxford, he work at CERN which was the Europeon partical lab where he first discorvered the concept of a global system. He built a protoytype called enquire. Then he puplished a paper called "information management; a proposal" in which he maried up to hypertext with the internet to create a system for sharing and distrubring information globaly, he called it the world wide web. He has been knighted for his invention

Alan Turing

He was born on 23rd june 1912, he studied in America then returned in 1938. He secretly work part time at a goverment code and cypher school, when war began he worked full time at the headquaters. He played a vital role by deciphering the messages by the German engima machine. He created a machine called bombe to help them decode German messages.