Pearson Early Childhood

September 2022 Newsletter

What a Fantastic Start!

Dear Pearson Parents,

Thank you for your patience with us as we transition through the first few days and weeks of school! I know there is always a lot to learn - for students and parents. Your children are doing an amazing job getting to know the new routines, procedures and building relationships with their peers and their teacher.

We appreciate you trusting us with your most precious gift - your child! We cannot wait for you to see the growth and learning, independent, and confidence they build throughout this year.

We encourage you to consider supporting Pearson by joining our School-Base Improvement Committee. You can learn more about this committee in the newsletter section below entitled "Pearson SBIC Committee Interest".

Mrs. Haugh & Mrs. Murray

Upcoming dates:

9/26-9/30- Pearson Friendship Week

9/29- Pearson Family Picnic & Raising Cane's Spirit Night! Pick-up dinner from Raising Cane's on Ave K @ Spring Creek for the Picnic and mention Pearson when you order!

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We want to remind parents/guardians that we do take attendance EVERY day and that also includes marking a tardy if a student shows up after 7:55 when the front doors are closed. We follow the Texas state compulsory attendance laws that require attendance. When there are 10 or more unexcused absences in a 6 month period, an offense can occur and court could happen. 3 unexcused tardies = 1 unexcused day in the eyes of truancy laws and can add up quickly. Please make sure your child is here on time each day to keep them in a good routine and ensure a great day at school. In order for an absence to be excused, a parent must send in a note (from parent or doctor) within 3 days of the child returning to school. Even if you call the school’s child safe line to report an absence (469) -752-4300 and press 1 for English and then press 3), it does NOT excuse an absence.

Tips for Parents, Attendance, Requirements, and more!:

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  • Students must wear their name badge each day! Please have this clipped on them BEFORE they exit your vehicle.

  • Bring reusable water bottles.

  • Bring backpack every day.

  • Practicing opening food/lids, etc with child.

  • Bring a healthy snack each day.

  • Please send a full set of extra clothes in a ziplock bag to be left at school

  • Bring a blanket on Monday and wash when your child brings it home. Please return it next school day.

  • When picking up your child, make sure you have carpool tag.

  • If picking up your child early from school, bring valid ID.

Safety is a Top Priority at Pearson

Our number one priority is keeping each child we serve safe at school. While there are many systems we have in place to support safety within our school, we want to share some of our safety processes with you. Please click the link below to learn about some of our systems on campus!

In addition to our current practices, we have routine safety checks/inspections, safety audits, and an assigned Plano ISD Security Specialist that helps oversee and monitor our campus needs and processes.

Pearson Safety Measures

Click Here for Pearson Student Safety Information

Arrival and Dismissal Reminders

Arrival and dismissal always take more time the first few weeks of school. Please prepare and allow for this additional time. As students and parents learn the school routine, we become more efficient! We will continue to refine procedures to reduce wait time for parents. As student's grow more independent, these times will also improve. Thank you for your continued patience with us during this "learning" process.

  1. You must have a campus-provided pick-up tag to take possession of your child.
  2. Please remember that for student safety around moving vehicles, at Pearson we do not have student/parent walk-ups during arrival and dismissal.
  3. In addition, parents should not exit their vehicle in the carpool line. You are able to pull up past our loading zone, where it is safer, and then exit your vehicle to buckle your child into their carseat. Staff members are not allowed to buckle your child.
  4. Please note, there is a no left turn out of our carpool drive onto Lookout Trail. You must turn RIGHT as you exit our parking lot. There are police and neighbors who watch this are report offenders. The police can write citations for parents turning left out of our parking lot. We want to help you avoid this potential situation.

If Your Child is Reluctant to Exit Your Vehicle

If your child is hesitant and unwilling to exit your car, you will be asked to park in one of the available parking spaces and help soothe and talk to your child. Once carpool has completed, and additional staff become available we will work with you to transition your child into the entrance of the school.

If Your Child is Late to Arrive

If you arrive to Pearson after the 7:55AM bell, your child will be considered tardy. This is documented on their attendance record. You will need to park in one of the available parking spaces. You must walk with your child to the entrance of the school and push the buzzer to alert the front office staff you are here. You will be asked to come into the office to sign your child in.


We love our volunteers and appreciate all the hours and service you provide to make Pearson such a great place to be! The district's new volunteer management system, VOLY, is now open.

You are encouraged to go ahead and complete your volunteer application now so that you are ready to begin volunteering as soon as we open our volunteer programs! We have new and exciting opportunities for parents to be involved on campus this year.

Please remember that Volunteer Application, online orientation and criminal history check must be renewed at the beginning of each school year. Please be sure to complete your application early to beat the rush. This application must be approved before you can volunteer in any capacity on the campus. A link to submit your application is below.

Complete form here!

PECS Volunteer Opportunities!

We invite you to Pearson to help support the needs of our PreK students during their lunch period. This volunteer opportunity will allow you to interact with students and support their social needs and well as help with opening food times, monitoring for cafeteria safety and provide positive interactions with students during meal time.

Please Note: This volunteer opportunity is for adults only. Minors and/or other siblings cannot be brought onto campus during the school day. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. This opportunity is to volunteer to support all student needs during the time you are at Pearson.

This sign-up is not to have lunch with your child as that is not an option at Pearson at this time.

We hope you will be able to join us throughout the year in supporting our Pearson students.

Lunch Meals

Breakfast: FREE

Lunch: $2.85 (reduced price- $0.40)

Breakfast and Lunch Menus:

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Back to School Resources

For a one-stop shop of back-to-school resources and information, visit

Find the following information (and more):


The Health Services team supports a safe and healthy school environment. Please review the below critical information regarding student health & safety.

Daily Student Health Screening

Families should continue to monitor their children’s health. If a child is sick, please have them stay home to get better. Additionally, if any of the following scenarios apply, please notify Nurse Rose at or by calling 469-752-4309 to discuss any quarantine requirements.

COVID Reporting

If you child tests positive for COVID, it is important that you notify Nurse Rose immediately at or 469-752-4309.

Notes From Nurse Rose

Each month, Nurse Rose will publish health tips, reminders and important information pertaining to our students at Pearson. Please click on the link below to view her tips for the month.


Any child who has an allergy, must have on file with the school a Dietary Restriction Form signed by a doctor. The form needed is attached below. If you child has medical dietary restrictions we will need this form in order to substitute or limit foods served during the school day to your child.

Student Medications

All medications that need to be taken at school must be brought to the clinic by the parent. Students are not allowed to transfer or posses any medications, vitamins, or herbal substances.

If you need to drop off a medication, please contact Nurse Rose directly to schedule a time to meet with her. You can contact Nurse Rose at or at 469-752-4309.


We have many students with severe peanut allergies. Due to this, peanut butter and/or nut products are NOT allowed due to the number of food allergies among students on campus.

Please do not pack any snacks or lunch items that contain nut products. This is critical to protect the health and safety of all students.

Counselor's Corner


Each month Mrs. Lucero will showcase strategies, tips and recommendations for supporting your child academically and socially-emotionally. Please click on the link below to view her tips for the month.

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Parent Engagement Zone

Each month Mrs. Cordero will post most recent parent engagement workshops and resources for our wonderful Pearson parents to access. Click on the link below to access her newsletter full of amazing parent involvement opportunities!

Library News

Each month Mrs. Brooks will post updates to the Pearson library program and resources you can use with your children at home.

Please click the box below to access the Pearson Library Newsletter.

Your Support to Pearson Matters

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2022 Special Education Hero Expo

The Special Education Department is excited to announce the 2022 Special Education Expo for Plano ISD parents/guardians, October 4-6 at PISD Sockwell Center located at 6301 Chapel Hill BLVD in Plano.

The event provides an opportunity to hear speakers on relevant special education topics and learn more about community resources.

If you have questions about this event, please contact

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Little Wildcats Dance & Cheer Clinic



Got Feedback?

At Pearson, we are always looking for ways to improve our systems and processes! We love hearing about your experiences and would love to collaborate in a solutions-oriented approach to implementing effective practices to make your experience at Pearson a positive one.

Feedback can be provided anonymously or if you would like a response to your submission, please feel free to provide your name and contact information on the form when submitting.

Our Pearson Community Feedback Form is linked below.

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