Al Lamb's Dallas Honda

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Al Lamb's Dallas Honda, 2014 Honda Gold Wing GL1800 Audio Comfort Navi XM ABS

The Honda Gold Wing leads the class of touring motorcycles – with maximum power, Gold Wing Touring performance, street handling and touring comfort. Riding in a less-than-perfect environment? Upgrade your riding experience with the Gold Wing ABS to increase your driving confidence in any environment. The optional GL1800 ABS system was designed to help you make safe stops in compromised conditions.

The road can throw you lots of unexpected surprises. That’s why Honda’s innovative anti-lock braking system (ABS) just makes sense. It can be a big help in making controlled stops in less than ideal conditions, like on wet pavement or when there’s sand on the road or other debris.

Honda’s proven ABS is a perfect addition to your Gold Wing Touring or Gold Wing Streetbike when you’re riding in a less-than-perfect world. It helps make motorcycle riding more secure, and under normal operation, you’ll never know it’s there. But when you do need it, it’s always there to back you up. Brake with confidence when you ride the Gold Wing ABS.