by: Chris D'Lacey

About the book...

This the second book in the series by Chris D' Lacy. In the book David finally finds out that the dragons are real. He must deal with this reality while also fighting an ancient sibyl who is trying to destroy the dragons. He also meets an unexpected ali who helps him throughout the book.

What is the Genre of this book?

This is a fictional book about dragons, it is the second book in the series by mark D'Lacey.

Was the ending satisfactory?

The ending was satisfactory because it and a cliff hanger ending that leads you into the next book it also left you with many questions that could only be answered by reading the next one.

Was the book well written?

It was well written because it always kept you wanting more. The author did things in the book that you didn't expect to happen. It also made you question who in the book was good or bad.

Which Characters play an important role in the book?

Mr. Bergstrom, who was Davids teacher, guides him throughout the book and leads him to where he needs to go.