The Largest Estuary: Pamlico Sound

Courtney Varela

Where is Pamlico Sound?

Pamlico Sound is located in North Carolina along the coast. It is separated by the Atlantic ocean by the barrier islands.

The importance of estuaries

First, what is an estuary? It is where both salt and freshwater meet. Without estuaries, habitat for tens of thousands of species will be lost, there would be no filter for sediments from rivers, flooding would be more a problem because estuaries serve as a buffer between land and ocean. Not to mention an estuary is like a nursery, a great breeding ground for many marine animals.

Threats to the Estuary

Human activities called dredging have been making the shallow waters more deep affecting level of the water also, draining and filling the water. Excess nutrients and toxic substances are put into the water causing the water to be contaminated.

Four images

One of the largest estuary and three others on a positive impact of humans.

Young individuals learning

An instructor explains about certain factors in an environment.