Welcome back to In-person Learning

August 26, 2020

It's almost here!

We are anxiously awaiting the return of our students! It's getting closer and closer and we are beside ourselves with excitement!! With COVID comes some changes to the normal way of life at Boon. The information provided below aligns with Allen ISD's COVID-19 Prevention. Mitigation and response procedure. Boon Elementary will follow all Allen ISD Guidelines. However, we wanted to highlight how these procedures will look at our campus. I wanted to give you information ahead of time in case you have questions about any of this and to prepare you for the glorious day of September 2nd!

A Note from Nurse Amy-

Due to Covid restrictions, we will not be able to provide a change of clothing should your child have an accident, tear their pants, or fall in the mud. If you have any concerns about this for your child, please keep a change of clothes in their backpack.

Please make sure you pay close attention to the readmission to school after sickness in the AISD mitigations and procedures document linked in the bottom of this smore.

Arrival/Dismissal changes

We are so excited to welcome back students into our building! Our arrival and dismissal procedures will be changing to be in compliance with social distancing and increased safety for our Boon families.

I do anticipate our dismissal time will take a few minutes longer than usual at first. Please be patient.

The other big change is we are not allowing parents to park in the school parking lot and walk up to the door to pick up or drop off their child. Please plan to walk/bike from home, or say goodbye at the sidewalk/crosswalk/bike rack.

Our doors will open for students from 7:30-7:45 each morning.

Kinder students- Day 1

We know morning drop off can be overwhelming for our new kinder students. We are going to delay kinder drop off to 8:15-8:30 on the first day. Please bring your kinder student through the amenities side carpool on the first day from 8:15-8:30 so we can get them in the building in a safe and calm way. Kinder teachers and staff will be out there to welcome you and help your sweet little one in to Boon.

Number System

We are excited to try a new system that will help with carpool for our in-person learners and for future material deployments for our at-home learners. Each family will be assigned a number and issued a Boon car tag with that number on it. For example, if you have multiple students they will each be given a car tag with your number. (ex: The 3 Smith children- Susan, Johnny, & Mark will each be given a car tag with the number 325 on it.) You only need to bring 1 tag for pick up, but you have one for each child if needed.

When you come to pick up your child, or supplies, please have the tag visible in your car so we may call your child or load materials as quickly as possible.


Students arriving by car:

Our 4 side doors will open for students from 7:30-7:45, and they will go directly to their classroom. Staff will be in the hallways from 7:30-7:45 to help guide them to their new classroom on the first day. After that, staff will be in the hallways to ensure social distancing and help students navigate one-way hallways and stairwells.

Students arriving by bus:

Our bus students will enter the building through the cafeteria door.

Students wishing to purchase breakfast will go to the cafeteria, buy their breakfast, and take it to their classrooms to eat.

Students riding their bikes:

If your child is riding a bike, they may ride it to the bike rike, park it, and enter the building. Please do not congregate by the bike rike.

Students walking:

Parents may walk their child to the front porch maintaining 6 feet between families and hug and go so students may enter the building. Your walker can also walk in any of the side doors in the morning to enter the building, but we ask that parents stay 15 feet from the door.

Big picture


If your child is a walker, do not park in our parking lot to meet them.

Walkers and bike riders:

If your child is a walker, they have 3 options of where they will be escorted. 1- Limestone, 2- front yard by the marquee, 3-out the playground gate behind the school to the trail. We will be escorting them to these locations at 2:50.

Bike riders will be escorted to their bike rack and sent on their way.

Car riders:

All families will be assigned a number and receive a tag on the first day of in-person learning. You will display this number so that your students are able to be called quickly and escorted to your car. Staff will see your car tag number, call the student, and they will meet you at your vehicle. This might take a little longer than usual, so please be patient with us. All of this is for your child's safety.

(for the first day, we will just be doing the best we can with calling last names, if you would like to write your child's (last name, the first name) on a piece of paper and hold it in the window, that would help us tremendously!)

Kinder-2nd (plus siblings) will pick up on the amenities side.

Kinder and first grade will be waiting inside the building and we will call their number for them to walk to the designated zone to be dismissed.

3rd -6th will be picked up on the limestone side, wearing masks and spaced out.

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Water bottles

Due to Covid, our water-fountains have been disabled. Students will need to bring a water bottle each day. These can be refilled from our bottle filler, but we are not providing them a bottle to do so.


Students will still go to Art, Music, and PE, on a rotation schedule. They will go to 1 specials class each day with their homeroom class. (6th grade will not be able to only stay with their homeroom class due to band, orchestra, and choir). Your child's teacher will communicate the schedule for your class. Social distancing, hand sanitizing, and masks will be used during this time to keep students safe.

School supplies/school issued chromebook

Please send your child with their school supplies and their school-issued Chromebook, if they checked one out. They will bring their Chromebook home each night but will need it for their classwork during the day.

Students will still be utilizing google classroom for some assignments, but not all assignments when face to face.

Please don't worry about sending your child with ALL of the purchased school supplies day 1. Your teacher will communicate what they need to bring on day 1.

New Allen ISD policies in response to COVID

Bus Transportation

  • ALL students, no matter the age, will be required to wear a mask while on the school bus.
  • Students will be using hand sanitizer when loading/unloading.
  • All students will have an assigned seat while on the bus
  • All buses will be sanitized at least 2 times per day

Not new, but just a reminder, K-2 students are required to be met at their bus stop by a parent/guardian/adult family member. If there is no one there to meet them, they are returned to campus until you can be contacted.

Student ID's

When you picked up your child's learning materials bag, inside was an ID and a blue lanyard. Please have students wear this on the first day. This will help up us get them to the right place, but will also be kept at school and used when they buy food from the cafeteria. Students will no longer be typing in their numbers, we will just scan their ID to purchase a tray.


While it breaks our heart to even say this, it's necessary in the times of COVID. We are restricting building access to students and staff only. Words cannot express how much we value your partnership, the hours of volunteer time you put into our school, and seeing your faces for lunch with your student. We will miss it terribly this year but are hoping that this will end soon and we can resume normal visitors policies quickly.

Face Coverings

All students should bring a mask, gator, or shield to school and wear it as they enter the building. 4th-6th graders are required to wear it at all times in the building, minus lunch/recess. (We will build-in safe masks breaks throughout the day).

We will be providing ALL students with a mask to keep on their lanyard to wear. K-3 is encouraged to wear them during hallway and transition times.

We will be enforcing the mask policy for 4th-6th graders.

Students will be allowed to take face coverings to eat and when outside when socially distanced.

All staff will be wearing a face covering.


Students will be spaced apart at the cafeteria tables. Seats will be clearly marked for students. Signage will be on the floor and walls to direct one-way traffic and for students to line up socially distanced.

Single-serve trays and utensils will be used each day. (No ice cream at this time due to going touchless in the cafe line)

Students will wear their ID card on the blue lanyard sent home with materials on the August deployment day to buy their lunch. There is no more keypad to enter their lunch number due to COVID. Please send them with their ID on the first day. It will stay at school.

Students will need to make plans to bring their lunch from home or buy from the cafeteria. We are not allowing outside food to be delivered or dropped off. If your student forgets their lunch, they will need to buy lunch from the cafeteria that day.

Bring Your Own Device

We are excited to let all our families know, it has been approved that students may bring their own device to use at school. We will be able to help them connect to the school wifi so that they may use it with their learning.