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Important Factors to Consider When Designing a Business or an Organization Website

Web design is one of the most important steps undertaken during the development of websites and other web applications. Various platforms and software's have been designed to enable designers develop quality websites with numerous functions.

How to Choose the Right Web Design Tool Based on the Organizational Function / Needs

There are numerous platforms that have been developed to assist during the design process. Common software include Dreamweaver, Java, HTML, word press and many other free open source software.

The choice of software to use determines the end product. It is therefore imperative that software designers use the right software. This can be determined by the number of features, templates provided, speed of designing the website, costs and affordability.

How to take Advantage of Open Source Web Design Platforms

Open source web design software's provides designers with free platforms where they can develop their software. They are cheap and very affordable. In addition, these sites are regularly updated by various designers around the world due to their unlimited access. This means that the software provide customers with quality templates at no costs.

Security Consideration and How to Improve the Web Security During the Design Process

Currently, security and privacy of internet content are a major concern. Designers who enhance these features on their web prototype develop better and commercially viable web applications. Such features include limited access to different users, multilevel passwords, scanning files with antivirus software, firewalls, using parameterized SQL queries and the use of SSL protocol when passing information to other sites.

Web Design Tools that Enable Faster and Regularly Update of the Web Design

Web design process should continuous and this means that sites should be regularly updated. It is important that web design tools and platform allow for regular update. Updating the site regularly increases the site visibility and also keeps the website fresh and at par with recent developments in the web and other applications.

Evaluation of Different Web Design Platforms

There are many web design tools and software. They can be broadly classified as open source or premium tools. Both open source and premium/paid platforms provide clients with different tools. Some platforms require well trained professional to write the code while others are simplified to operate using high level language and symbols.

How to Minimize Web Design Costs and Time Using Special Templates

Before designing a webpage, the designer should ensure that the process will be cost effective and fast. Traditional programs such as HTML require extensive cording which is complicated and time consuming. Modern programs, especially open source tools are easy to use and have templates. All these reduce the cost and time required to design the software.

Web designers should ideally use special templates and make adjustments to suit their current applications. The templates reduce time required to code instructions and also reduce the number of errors that one has to debug in the software.


Web design process is one of the most important processes in the development of a website. Though there are many tools and software, designers must choose the right tools to ensure that the website developed is of high quality and has multiple functions.

This post is written by Jigney Bhachech