Teaching With Technology

Year 2 PGCE BLLS512 Laura McGivney


Welcome to my online portfolio

Below you will find links to:

  • Assignment: Write an account
  • 3 e-tool resources along with a rationale and evaluation for each
  • Formative and summative feed from my tutors

Tool 1

Tool 1 is Prezi.

It is a presentation tool that is more interactive then Power Point or Google slides.

It is easy to use and makes theory teaching a lot more interesting.

Link to feeback


Tool 2 is Blendspace.

Blendspace allows you to create one place to contain all the information needed for a particular lesson or course. It engages students by achieving learning goals with fun, interactive lessons, as well as allowing teachers to assess and monitor students' understanding with quizzes and discussions.


Tool 3 is Quizlet

Quizlet is an easy online tool that allows me to question my students. It has a lot of different activities for the students to do in order to assess their learning. It can also be used as a revision tool for them at home.