The Museum of American Culture


Mission Statement

The Museum of Modern American Culture (M.M.A.C.) is dedicated to the education of visitors to the United States of America. This museum was founded in 2013.

Our Awesome Exhibits

Meet famous people!

At our museum, you can have the opportunity to meet you favorite actor or singer!

Our Hotel

Here at M.M.A.C., we have a hotel, including a pool and hot tub. These rooms are five-star and are complete with a mini-fridge, two king size beds, and a seventy-two inch flat screen T.V.

Grand Opening

Saturday, June 22nd 2013 at 10am

The Museum of Modern American Culture, 12, Park Ave, Plattsburgh, NY.

The Grand Opening of the Museum!
Hot Air Balloon- Owl City *new song* Music Video w/ Lyrics
Allstar Weekend - Blame it on September - FULL STUDIO VERSION WITH LYRICS

Meet our Partner!

At the main desk, you can buy a pass to get you in to our partner museum, The Museum of American Interests, as well as the M.M.A.C!!