A look back and ahead to this week

A look back...

Week of 9/21

9/21 we started with reviewing classroom management technology tools. We learned specifically about class dojo and teacherkit. All week we tracked our classmates' behaviors using one of these tools.

9/23 we started working on an infographic for our virtual cooperating teacher. We chose to work with piktochart, easel.ly, visme, or infogram. We also demonstrated to our guild members our canva posters and student interest survey.

9/25 We worked on using Remind from the teacher's perspective. We created our class and added our guild members to the class. Then we practiced sending a message with our remind widget and embedded into our digital portfolios.

Looking ahead...

9/28: Edcafe of Components 1C, 2A and 1E

Today's class was an edcafe led by Guild 2. Each guild member did a great job leading a discussion and activity based upon one of the components assigned. At the end of class we shared a glimpse into our own digital portfolios.

Due 9/28

  • Canva badge due·
  • Quest 14: Component 3A / Remind Questions, Understanding, and Explore
  • Quest 13: Edcafe / Components 1C, 2A and 1E Questions, Understanding, and Explore

9/30 and 10/2 - Digital newsletters and component 4C

During class on Wednesday and Friday we will be creating a digital newsletter using one of the tools listed below. Please contact your virtual co-op prior to class so you can work on your newsletter during class time. During class you can also choose to work on your write up for 4C.

We will also be reviewing some components during class.

Due 9/30

  • Quest 11: Component 2D/ Managing student behavior Test

  • Quest 12: Informing infographics Test

  • Quest 15: Component 4C / Digital newsletter tool Questions, Understanding, and Explore

Due 10/2

  • Participate in 1 educational twitter chat by this date. Document learning in my gcc.
  • Quest 14: Component 3A / Remind Test
  • Work on digital newsletter