Killer Whales

Killer Whales in Captivity

Killer whales are less healthy while held in captivity compared to how health they are in the wild. Also killer whales shouldn’t be held in captivity because it leads to major injuries and at any given point any trainer that step foot in with a whale could be their last time. No one knows what could happen once a show is going or not before or after.
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The relationship and the inccident that occured

One of the biggest sea worlds known around is the sea world in Orlando Florida which have a couple of killer whales but holds one of the biggest killer whales known everywhere and his name is Tilikum. In the movie Black Fish Tilikum had many incidents on trainers over the years while held in captivity. And in the movie the trainer Dawn was one of the best trainers at Sea world and was very close to the 12,000 lbs 22 feet long Tilikum, while being with Tilikum their was a very bad incident that occurred and she passed due to the fact many people said Tilikum pulled her from hair, she was with a killer whale while held in captivity. And their could be many reasons why Tilikum did such a thing he could be stressed for being held for so long who now. As a sign of stress Tilikum was in one spot for hours showing signs of stress.
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This picture shows how close they where before the incident took place. No matter how close a human being is to a wild animal you never no know what could happen. When your close like they where your mind tend to keep the relationship an bond going. Sea world doesn't care about the incidents Tilikum has previously been or the whales they hold in captivity they tend to only care about the money being made.


As shown people shouldn't hold killer whales in captivity for entertainment and back to back shows they should be with their family in the wild where they swim miles and miles. Also having a killer whale you never know what could happen at any giving time anything could happen a whale could be so nice to you and the shows go well till than your life being on the line because they change a certain way to where they are being very rough an long get out of hand. Sea world and many places around the world should just stop the shows and entertainment and send the whales back home with their family an not be held in captivity.
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