Continental Congress 1-2

Revolutionary War By: Hannah Schmitt


Some of the people in both Continental Congresses are Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Jay, John Adams John Hancock, Samuel Adams, Authur St. Clair, and Richard H. Lee.


When the First Continental Congress met they talked and decided to give it a year and when they meet again if its not all good they will take action. Well they gave it a year and it was not all good so they decided to do something. When the Second Continental Congress met they decided to do something so, the started writing The Declaration of Independence, to declare seperation from Great Britain.


They met at Carpenters' Hall in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. It had been moved a few times because of the war.


The men spoke and acted for the 13 British colonies, also they didn't want to be ruled by the King of Britain anymore. Some that were in the Continental Congress were apart of the War. They wanted to do something about it.


The First Congress met in Carpenters Hall in Philadelphia on September 5, 1774

The Second Congress met In 1775.

Fun Facts

Representatives from all the colonies came except Georgia.
The Congress had to move many times because of the war.

Representatives from the continental congress wrote The Declaration of Independence.


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