Ceramics I

An introductory course in ceramics and pottery making

Course Description

This class will utilize the knowledge and skills learned in Studio Art and incorporate introductory pottery skills. The student will explore the unique pottery forms of different cultures as well as the role that pottery has played in the history of mankind. Contemporary or modern ceramic work will also be explored.

Course Objectives

After instruction on media, tools, techniques and processes, the student will be able to:

  • Work with clay using basic building methods and techniques

  • Identify basic tools used to create pottery

  • Understand the metamorphosis of clay from plastic to fired

  • Decorate a clay form

  • Understand the methods and techniques of glazing a clay form

  • Recognize the parts of a pot

In this course you will learn...

Various hand-building techniques with clay

In this course you will learn...

the production of functional and non-functional pottery, as well as sculptural objects

In this course you will learn...

  • To develop your own personal and artistic ways of working

In this course you will learn...

How to throw basic pottery on the wheel!
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Planning, Research and Sketching

  • Reference images
  • planning sketches
  • descriptions

Glazing and Underglazing techniques

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Basic Kiln and Firing knowledge

  • Basic firing
  • Loading & unloading
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Tools and Materials

  • Fettling knife
  • loop tools
  • Needle tool
  • Sponge
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