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September Edition

The Cell Phone Policy

Article Written by Aniyah L., Ava S., David B., Jack R., and Mackenzie S.

Cell phones are one of the biggest distractions in school. The faculty know that, so they put a new cell phone policy in place. The policy states that if your phone or AirPods are seen, they will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day. The word “AirPods” is just a label, so it includes any wireless headphones and wireless earbuds as well. However, with this new policy, comes new frustrations. Some students feel that the policy is too harsh and unnecessary, while others think it was needed. We interviewed students, teachers, and even Mr. CK about the policy.

One of the students we interviewed about the policy is a seventh grader, Jill. We interviewed Jill to see what her opinions were on the policy. Jill said, “I think it’s fair even though I still see people going on YouTube and stuff. Otherwise, I think it’s fine”. Teachers and faculty hope that this policy will work and students say that it is working, as of right now. Jill said, “I haven’t seen a phone in a really long time or AirPods. I don’t think any of my friends bring their AirPods to school anymore.”

Even though the cell phone policy is helping the school, some students are still frustrated with it. Fifth grader DJ is not a fan of the policy, “I think it’s kind of stupid. I think that when we’re in the hallway and stuff, we should be able to have our phones out.” But it’s not just the rule about cell phones that kids are frustrated with, it’s the AirPods as well. “I think this is stupid as well because if you only have one earbud in, then you’d still be able to concentrate and certain people focus better while listening to music.”

An eighth grader, Jay, also has negative opinions on the cell phone policy. When asked why they feel this way, they said, “I hate it because I want to be able to play music on my phone.” We also asked them about the AirPod policy. “I also hate that.”

Another interview we held was with Lena, a sixth-grade student. Lena was asked how she felt about the new technology policy and her response was, “It is good. There are not many distractions and it is easier to learn now.” The next question we asked was if she saw any change in her classmates because of this policy. She said, “Yes because everyone is excited to learn and you actually get to learn new information.” One of the last questions we asked was if she thought the policy should stay. In her opinion, it should because “it is causing less madness in the teachers and it is more easier to learn”.

As well as seeing how students felt, we got some of the teachers’ feelings. We interviewed Mr. Miller who teaches strings, eighth-grade broadcasting, and is the drama director. We asked Mr. Miller if he thought the cell phone policy is going to work, as opposed to the past ones at Buffett. His answer was, “I think the cell phone policy will actually work decently. I’ve noticed that a lot of students have already done a lot better job this year than they have in the past.” We also asked how the cell phone policy has changed in his years at Buffett. He said, “I’ve been at Buffett for 14 years and we had a pretty strict no cell phone policy when I got here. I never really saw them out and kids didn’t use them, less kids had them at the time. In about the last 5 years is where I’ve noticed that the cell phone policy has become more relaxed.”

For our final interview, we decided to get Mr. CK’s thoughts on the policy. We asked if he thought the policy was working so far. “Yeah I mean I’m really happy about the way the students are behaving with the cell phones. We’ve had a couple of minor issues, but for the most part, it has been really amazing. The kids are doing what they’re supposed to. You probably all have phones, but I don’t see them, they’re not on, and they’re not distracting. That’s exactly what we were hoping for, so I’ve been very proud of the students.” this is what his answer was. We also asked if he thought the cell phone policy will stay as strong as it is now, later in the year. His response was, “I do. Yes. Yes, I do. And again it’s all about keeping the most important thing first. And that’s learning.”

These are just some of the opinions that the students and faculty at Buffett have on the new cell phone and AirPods policy.

Fall Food

Article Written by Irene J.

Fall is personally my favorite season; here are some fall recipes, crafts, and fashion trends that I love and hope you do too.

Recipes: I couldn’t decide whether I should do a recipe for pumpkin spice or apples, so might as well do both!

  • When it gets so chilly you can see your breath, you know it’s time for some Hot Apple Cider. This recipe makes you feel so cozy, no matter if it’s 80 degrees or 60 degrees out, because you never know what the weather will be like here in Nebraska. This recipe takes a little while to make and is made with some ingredients you may not have in the pantry right now, but it’s so worth it! For full recipe; see


Article Written by Robert K.

Did you know that leather in clothing such as belts and shoes as well as car seats is being made with mushrooms? This is thanks to a new kind of bioengineering being developed; its called fungal biotechnology. Scientists are experimenting with mycelium to make replacement for harmful materials. This includes plastics and paper being used for shipment or goods can be substituted for paper-like material made from mushrooms. “Mycelium is the holly grail”, says Arthur H. “As by-product of the degradation of organic waste, it’s a step beyond using existing waste to make something new—it’s actively taking away what we don’t need while making new materials.”

There are estimated to be between 2-11 million species of fungi and only 150,000 being formally named; there are many more uses to come from fungi engineering. Mushrooms are also being developed to make bricks and other highly resistant materials. There is one specific species of fungi called hyphae. This interesting fungi is able to break down hydro-carbons, unrefined oil, plastics, and all materials that aren’t biodegradable. These weird materials are actually the food and nutrients for this interesting species. This allows it to grow and be a living garbage disposal.

The mycelium is easy to grow too! It can be grown in small jars in as little as five days, making it viable as a replacement for many more things. This is just one way the world’s changing and people seem to agree, so be ready for your packages and the belt that you’re wearing to be made of mushrooms!

Black Lives Matter

Article Written by Reegon H.

Black Lives Matter is a movement, protest and a hashtag. The Black Lives Matter movement started with a hashtag after the shooting of Trayvon Martin in 2012. His death is what inspired people of all race and color to protest about these killings and get their message across. Black Lives Matter grew nationally after 2 more black men were killed back in 2014.

Most people believe that the killings of indigenous are done because of the skin color or racially motivated. The killing of George Floyd, the shooting of Breonna Taylor, and the shooting at the Tops supermarket are all examples of racially motivated killings. Although there are lots of more killings. The George Floyd killing and Breonna Taylor killing were 2 killings that sparked a huge protest worldwide back in 2020.

Black Lives Matter didn’t just exist nowadays but also way back in time . People also fought for not just black peoples rights but also for women’s rights. Some well known Civil Rights Activists are Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, John Lewis, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, and Nelson Mandela. All of these people dedicated their life to fighting for their cultures rights and equality. All of their hard work paid off , many people are free from the wrath of racism and racist government.

Lots of films have been made to educate people of what times were like back then. Some of these movies include The Hate U Give, Queen and Slim, Just Mercy, Selma, BlacKKKlansman, Pride and Menace II Society. All of these movies relate to the obstacles and problem black people had to face many years ago. Some of these movies have won big time rewards for the acting skills involved in the movies including how much people liked and watched it.

Black Lives Matter is very important. BLM is something that all people need to learn about. Black Lives Matter also needs to be respected. Anyone can participate in protests or activities to represent BLM. Black Lives Matter has also achieved lots of things in the past years. Stopping police brutality, getting justice, and fighting for equality are a few things BLM has accomplished. As you can see many people have done things to support BLM and it is important that we do so to , even by doing little things like say something on social media, little things can come a long way.

(Picture above from Dreamstimes)

LGBTQ+ support in school

Article Written by Vei T.

According to the CDC 43% of transgender youth and 30% of queer youth (lesbian, gay, bisexual) have reported being bullied a school. What makes this such a challenging topic is the 18% of cisgendered youth and 17% of straight youth that have reported being bullied, compared to trans and queer youth. How many times have you been bullied or picked on because of your gender or sexuality?

An average of 52% of LGBTQ+ kids feel unsafe at school, and over 50%, big or not it's a problem. However, there are ways to fix or rather help It. It's good that the school teaches LGBTQ+ identities and sexualities -although I think they should teach it in 7th grade when most people hit puberty and start discovering themselves- participate in ally week, and even host an LGBTQ+ and ally club that meets once a month. All those are good things, but there's still room for improvement.

1. Holding bullies accountable

From personal experience, I think the school could do a better job at holding those who participate in homophobia/transphobia accountable. Me and my friends happened to get bullied for not being Cis at school, we reported and do not know what happened to the kid. We never got a report back. So, when hate is reported, report it back, it is nice to know what happened to bullies, if I don't know what happened how can I know how to feel about it?

2. Working on Normalizing being queer

I hate It when people preach about how being LGBTQ+ is a completely normal thing but get mad when someone mentions the word gay in class. Let teachers talk about LGBTQ+ experiences theirs or not, it's important for kids to be aware of the hateful people in the world and how to deal with them.

3. Make gender-neutral bathrooms

Including gender-neutral bathrooms may be a stretch but if ever the opportunity, I say take it. People who are non-binary tend to feel conflicted when using the girls' or the boys' bathrooms. And as a non-binary person myself, it is very tricky going to the bathroom, I may be fem-presenting but somehow I feel as if I am misgendering myself by using the girls' bathroom, so it would be nice to have non-genderized bathrooms.

4. Creating a safe and comfortable environment

It is very pleasing to see queer presenting things in teachers’ classrooms. I have had teachers who put posters up in their classrooms that mention excepting all genders, sexualities, and races. It makes me feel less scared to come out, especially at the beginning of the year when you are just meeting the teacher. Another effective way is asking if you go by a different name during role call and/or creating a Forms fill-out sheet that asks if you have a preferred name and pronouns. Using a Forms sheet may help someone feel less anxious about saying their name, it lets them know that you are okay with calling them by their new name and pronouns.

Everything above plus using gender-neutral terms really helps with educating people about LGBTIQ individuals as well as creating a fitting and comfortable safe space for queer-identifying individuals.

To wrap it all up, LGBTQ+ people face problems that not all of us understand so it is important to keep an open mind when adapting to norms that may be new to some teachers. We can help by showing that we care by expressing it in the classroom physically or verbally.

Fall Fashion

Article Written by Irene J.

I really like fashion and especially fall fashion. The sweaters, flannels, cute boots, jeans, and beanies. All of it is just so great! Here are some popular trends and brands this fall.

  • A brand that I’ve see everywhere lately is Abercrombie & Fitch, they have some of the cutest clothes mainly sweaters, flannels, and cute cozy basics perfect for layering when it gets a bit chillier, H&M too.

  • Uggs are a classic fall clothing item, they are pricey but 100% worth it! They are so comfy and cute, if you are looking for a more affordable option, Walmart has some for $20-30 that look very similar to the real thing.

  • Brandy Melville is super popular right now, perfect for basics, loungewear, and the cutest sweaters!

I hope you enjoyed the fall fashion section and found it useful.

Self Care

(Do it for you not them)

Article Written by Makiyah W.

My self care interest is for you to do better for yourself! Complete your self care with different opportunities. This information gives you a new opportunity to be a different person In a different way. Make yourself a brand new person by using these tips.

Why is getting in a routine a good way to start your self care tips?

A routine can eliminate anxiety, depression, reduce stress and increase happiness. It can help you adjust to change, build strong relationships, and it better prepares you for the demands of LIFE.

Why you should eat healthier?

Soups, dinner salads, whole grains, and etc. I recommend you try out different types of soups. Soup is a great way to stay hydrated and full! They give your immune system a boost & can help with colds or flu. “You are what you eat, so don’t be fast, cheap, easy, or fake.

Why Practicing Physical Activity is a important step in your self care ?

Practicing physical activity when you have free time is important. It is important to make sure you do this routine daily! Practicing physical activity can include walking, running, doing yoga + more. Participating in physical activity will improve your ability to do everyday activities. Physical activity can improve your brain health, help manage weight, and strengthen bones & muscles. It takes time and patients but it’s all worth it at the end.

Why you should have good hygiene & drink a good amount of water ?

Having good hygiene is one of the best ways to protect you from diseases, colds, & flus. Having a good hygiene includes washing your body every day, washing your hands with hand soap, brushing your teeth twice a day, and covering your mouth with tissue so you don’t spread diseases. If you don’t smell good then you don’t look good.Drinking Water in the morning, afternoon, and night is best for you. Drinking water can prevent dehydration, a condition that can cause unclear thinking, and it can also change moods & cause weight loss.

Why avoiding drugs and alcohol is important?

Drugs and alcohol can damage your body and brain. Drug overdoses can cause death. This damage to your body and brain can have a negative affect on your health in many ways. Drugs can also weaken your immune system.

What is a good time to go to sleep

A good time to start sleeping is at 8-10 pm, at night and wake up around 6 am for your morning routine. Sleeping in between these times can help you promote a healthy outlook on life, elevate mood and energy levels. Getting sleep can also improve concentration and productivity. Sleeping helps the brain function, and keeps emotions in check, reduces disease risk, & keeps weight under control. When you sleep that allows your body and mind to recharge, leaving you refreshed and alert when you wake up, it also can help you get along with people better!

Why is having a balanced and healthy diet important in your self care?

Having a balanced and healthy diet is important because it protects you against many chronic non-communicable diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Eating a variety of foods and consuming less salt, sugars, and saturated and industrially-produced trans & fats is a important factor in your diet .A couple of healthy foods are blueberries, avocado, walnuts, oatmeal, leafy greens, & green tea is a healthy drink!

Why is maintaining friendships and engaging in social contact essential?

Maintaining friendships boosts your happiness and reduces your stress, it Improves your self-confidence and self-worth, Helps you cope with traumas, such as divorce, serious illness, job loss, or the death of a loved one, it also encourages you to change or avoid unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as excessive drinking or lack of exercise. Engaging in social contact is helpful during self-care because you can have great energy, and stave off feelings of loneliness, but also it helps sharpen memory and cognitive skills, increases your sense of happiness and well-being, and may even help you live longer. It also has lower rates of anxiety and depression, higher self-esteem, greater empathy, and more trusting and cooperative relationships.

I would recommend you using all these self care tips! This is the end of todays news. Thank you for listening. Don’t forget that this is for you and not for them!

Hocus Pocus

Article Written by Josette C.

“I put a spell on you and now you’re mine!” Look out! The Sanderson sisters are back in action since 1993 when the Black flame candle was lit. The brand new movie Hocus Pocus 2 will be out on Disney + on September 30th, 2022! As far as we know, all three Sanderson sisters will be back brewing up new potions to catch all the children in Salem. Actress Bette Midler posted to all the fans, “Sistaaaahs! It’s been 300 years… But we’re BACK!” Sarah Jessica Parker tweeted back about the movie becoming a sequel back in November of 2021, Sarah said, “Yep. I’m ready. To run. Amok, amok, amok, amok.” Not only are the Sanderson sisters coming back after 30 years but Winnie Sanderson’s spell book is coming back too! Every fan has been wanting for a sequel for YEARS, and the time has come for the sisters to rise once again! Sadly the teens who lit the candle back in ’93 will not be returning to the sequel, director Anne Fletcher got asked the this question many times, “Will Max and Allison return to the sequel?” Her response was this, “We wanted to weave in all of the people that the fans loved, and when you sat back with all the ingredients and story, you’re like, how do we make this work?” Fletcher said. “It was very difficult to try to have them be a part of it, because we did talk about it- painstakingly.” Many fans just asked if Max and Allison could be in the background like a supporting role, Fletcher said this, “You’re trying to stay on track with story, even if they came in as a cameo. People would say, ‘they could be in the background!’ and I’m like, really? You’re going to put the leads of the first movie in the background and be satisfied? You’re not going to be satisfied, you’re going to be angry,” she remarked. Thora Birch was asked to come play as Dani again but due to scheduling problems, she won’t be in the sequel. While we would love to see them again it also hurts to say that Jason Marsden (voice of Binx the cat) will also not be returning. On the other hand our favorite zombie will be back! That’s right Billy Butcherson will be back! The cast for this years Hocus Pocus 2 is…

Winifred Sanderson - Bette Midler

Sarah Sanderson - Sarah Jessica Parker

Mary Sanderson - Kathy Najimy

Billy Butcherson - Doug Jones

Mother Witch - Hannah Waddingham

Mike - Froy Gutierrez

Cassie Traske - Lilia Buckingham

Becca - Whitney Peak

Gilbert - Sam Richardson

Izzy - Belissa Escobedo

(Picture above from Disney Plus Informer)

Percy Jackson

Article Written by Natalia M.
Big picture
Picture from Popsugar

“Humans see what they want to see”

Hello my fellow demigod friends! Are you ready to get filled with the sensation of Percy Jackson? Hitting Disney Plus sometime in 2024, we will meet Percy Jackson and his crew at Camp Half Blood. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well Percy Jackson follows this 12 year old boy with ADHD and dyslexia defeat monsters and go on a quest to find the lightning thief, who stole Zeus’s master bolt. The show will follow Percy and his two friends Annabeth and Grover going along with Percy in hope of safely completing this quest- if not done right a war between the Greek gods will occur.

Big picture
Picture from Disney on Twitter

“The real world is where the monsters are.”

In May 2020 Rick Riordan who is the author of the book series, announced that there will be a TV show of the books. Fans of the books were super excited since the movies were very inaccurate to the books. In 2010 the films were made and did not follow the requests Rick Riordan had to make the movies more accurate to the books. I would like to mention that Rick did not get to make changes to the script and was not a co-writer. Rick Riordan later on said that he’d never seen either of the two films because he was so disappointed on how much the movies were such a mess. In the TV show, Rick promises to make the show as accurate as possible. The first season is about the lightning thief book, and there will be eight episodes in total. Rick Riordan is co-writing the show so fans are excited since they believe and trust that Rick will deliver an amazing new show featuring their favorite books series.

“I accidentally vaporize my pre-algebra teacher”

On September 11 2022, fans went WILD. The series had just released a teaser trailer to Instagram, youtube, etc.. The trailer started off with Percy (Walker Scobell) saying, “look I didn’t want to be a half blood” which just happens to be the first line of the first book. It is also the first line of “The Lightning Thief” musical. He spoke with such seriousness and a strong voice that brought the fans to tears- tears of joy that their Percy had been finally found. This is such a HUGE step in a good way, that everyone is happy and can’t wait for the show to come to Disney plus. Walker Scobell said in an interview in September 2022 that he promises to work his hardest to deliver the Percy Jackson that everyone knows and loves. Fans are looking up to him for him to deliver his promise.

Black hair, Blond hair

Recently fans have been mad about the hair color and appearances of Percy and Annabeth. In the books, Percy is described to have jet black hair and sea-green eyes. Walker Scobell will be playing Percy with dirty blond and blue-ish eyes. Annabeth is described as a “Princess curly blond-hair baddie” with gray eyes. Leah Sava Jeffries has brown hair and brown eyes. People have stated that these kids are perfect for their roles and everyone should just be thankful the acting will be good. Hopefully fans will be more appreciative of the actors. Riordan has said before and will most likely say again that he is only looking for the acting-that the acting of the characters is more important than the way their “supposed to look”. Let’s get exited to these fantastic actors and actresses play our favorite characters!

Picture from Movie Web

Fall Crafts

Article Written by Irene J.

I love fall decorating, it makes me feel so festive and even just putting pumpkins on the doorstep brightens my mood. Here are two fall decorations I love, one is for people of any ages and the second is more suited for the little siblings.

  • The first craft is gentle Fall Leaf Lanterns that make any room look 10x cozier and bring a calm and soft mood to whoever sees them. These are pretty easy to make and use real leaves! You may have to wait a little until more leaves fall to start making them because the more variety of color you have the better. For step-by-step instructions go to, you won’t regret it.

  • This craft is so cute and perfect for little kids. I remember doing handprint art in kindergarten and it was always so much fun, for me and my classmates too. So, I hope that the younger kids really enjoy this! This is a quick craft that makes the funnest Handprint Acorns. For further instruction, check out

Sports Uniforms

Article Written by Eliana M.

Should our school have new uniforms? Most Buffett athletes think that uniforms shouldn’t be changed and here’s why. The iconic navy blue and white bobcat has been cherished among Buffett bobcats for about 18 years now. The Buffett logo is faded on some of the uniforms and looks beat up, but others are still going strong. The jerseys are even described as comfortable. Kassidy Nillius is a Buffett XC runner. She says, “My shorts are really comfortable!”. Kassidy explained that she likes how the uniform feels, but her logo is faded and her shorts are too big for her. She wouldn’t mind keeping her uniform though. Kennedy Tibbs is a Varsity Volleyball player. She states, “I would keep the uniforms because it gives us a unique look and I love the sleeves. The only thing is just to maybe make them a little bit longer.” A football player, Lincoln Green, explains, “I like my uniform because it’s thin and somewhat easy to get on the pads. I would make it more stretchy so it’s quick and easy to get on.” Both Kennedy and Lincoln have similar answers. They both said that the length and width of the jerseys were what was bothering them about their uniforms. One other person I asked about what could be changed in the uniforms was Samantha Dutton. She replied, “Well I would want one that stood out a little more. When people look at it, they can see that the Buffett uniforms are the cool ones. I would want them to have a more lightweight feel to the material so it doesn’t cling to you when you sweat.” Some brands have lightweight materials like Nike, making your uniforms airy, lightweight, and breathable. These players don’t mind our uniforms but have some opinions on the length, width, and style. If the uniform is too tight or heavy, you can feel suffocated or have a weird rubbing on the skin. This makes it difficult to play. Some of the players have this problem and for them, that’s the only reason why they would need new uniforms. There are still others who like the jerseys. Overall, school uniforms are worn out. Samantha says she would want a new uniform that stood out more, and Kennedy needs longer sleeves on her volleyball jersey. What are your thoughts on the uniforms?

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Picture taken by Jordyn O.

New Policies

Article Written by Drew H.

As the new year rolls around, new policies and older ones that seem weird have been added and brought up. Many of these policies have created drastic changes, that some feel strongly on. This has created some tension and rebellion within the school. Many feel that some of these policies are restricting their rights or that they are making the school day harder. Others are in disagreement and think that the policies are doing the right thing and that the administrators are making good choices for their school year. This is why these policies are a huge change and difference from last year.

One of the biggest changes at Buffett are the new late passes. These were added during the end of the 2021-2022 school year and are still being used. These passes work by having the students scan a QR code and filling out a form through Office 365’s “Forms” app. Then, showing the forms receipt, that is located in Outlook, to the teacher of the class you are currently in. This was implemented to save paper, since there was a shortage of the printed slips. Some students feel that the new pass is too much work and that the paper slip was easier. Some also feel that the new pass is an inconvenience, but want to save the paper, so just want an easier online pass. Whatever the case, it is a big change for many and adds a bit to the normal check in.

Another policy is one that has been in place for years, but has been brought to the attention of the students recently. Some of the students are shocked about this new policy. The policy states that vending machines can only be used during after school hours. Some feel that this policy makes the vending machines useless and pointless. They say that since you can’t buy drinks during the day, the vending machines have no purpose. Some also say that there should be more to choose from than just water, apple juice, and orange juice and don’t want to buy one of these drinks. This is why the vending machines are rarely used or stocked. Since the policy is this way, the vending machines are rarely used by the students and are mostly just there. That is why this policy seems weird to some.

These are only a few of the new and old policies that the students have been hearing about recently. Some of the students feel strongly about a couple of these policies and choose to rebel, but it effects all of the students and future policies. Overall, there have been some very drastic changes to the policies here at Buffett.

Our Editorial Staff

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The people in this picture (from left to right starting on the bottom row) are Mackenzie S., Natalia M., Jack R., Aniyah L., Ava S., David B., and Vei T.

Picture taken by Mrs. Hanson.