Stellar Second Graders

Mrs. Mayo & Ms. Zimmerman

Friday, September 4, 2020!!!

We have absolutely enjoyed getting to know your children this week! What a bright, caring, and considerate bunch of kids. They have truly made all the hard work and planning worth it!!

Thank you to every parent for your kind words, emails, thoughts, etc. We have absolutely felt your positive energy these past few days. We are both so grateful to be a part of the amazing Rose Glen community of children and families.

Also, thank you for sending your children to school prepared and ready for success. Every child has come with a mask and water bottle, which helps keep our community safe and our kids hydrated. These are small things that make a big difference. So, thank you for partnering with us to make Rose Glen the best school around!

September Birthdays

Essential Agreements

  • Be kind.
  • Be responsible.
  • Be respectful.
  • Be safe.

Introducing Our Amazing Aides...

We have some fabulous instructional aides in our classrooms! Please welcome Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. Welden to second grade! They will be supporting the literacy time in the morning.

Language Workshop

This week, we focused on books that spoke to individuality and community. Everyone in the community is special and unique in their own way. We must notice, appreciate, honor, and celebrate our differences. This is what makes our community diverse and remarkable. Here are some of the books we read. We focused on the lesson the author was trying to teach us.

Reading Workshop

We have focused on the beginning of year routines that will help make us successful readers in Reading Workshop. Students learned about how the classroom library works, why it is important to read daily, and what our reading time should look, sound, and feel like. We worked on increasing our reading stamina. Students read 30 minutes every day in second grade and we work towards the 45 minute end of year goal.

Please remember to have your child read for at least 15 minutes every night.

Read-to-Self & Mask Break Outside

We enjoyed the lovely weather this week has given us. Whenever possible, we went outside to read our books.

Writing Workshop

This month, we launch our first unit of study in personal narratives combined with setting up routines and procedures. Students learn and come to anticipate the quiet, calm feeling of Writing Workshop. It is a place for thinking, creating, and writing. Lessons are a balance of writing expectations, grammar, and the craft of writing. The focus is on a small moment story from your life. Students are challenged to stretch out that moment into a beginning, middle, and end. In second grade, students are expected to write for a longer period of time and produce longer sentences and stories. We look forward to guiding them through this process.

Note: Handwriting is important! By second grade, students should have correct letter formation and word spacing. They also should be able to write on the lines. If you feel like your child could use some extra handwriting practice at home, please contact your child's homeroom teacher.

Math Workshop

In Math, we started the year with our launching unit. Student discussed why math is important, where we see numbers in our lives, and what we find challenging or easy about math. Some topics that we covered were doubles, patterns, skip-counting, and number sequences. Students played some math "get to know you" games.

Fun Math Game: Can you child count forward by 1s? 2s? 5s? 10s? What if you start with a number other than O? For example, count on by 2s from 88. Extra bonus: count backwards! These are fun number games to play on the way to school, walking home, or waiting in line at the grocery store. Number fluency is very important. You can help build your child's skills just by counting!

Math Facts: By the end of second grade, your child should know all addition and subtractions facts through 12.

iPad Clean Up

We need to do a little iPad cleanup. It would be a huge help if all families could do the following things on their child's iPad this weekend:

1) Open up Safari and Chrome. Close out any open tabs. Some friends have several open tabs. This just makes the ipads lose battery faster.

2) Go to the Settings. If a software update is needed, please complete that. Please always make sure that when a red circle shows up that updates are installed at home. Right now, the current version that should be loaded is i.OS 12.4.8.

3) If a child needs to put in a passcode for their managed apple ID, please let your homeroom teacher know. We can help them.

4) All students have their 6-digit student lunch code as their home and lock screen code. This must remain the same throughout their student career at Rose Glen.

5) All students must have their "selfie" on their home screen and lock screen. Feel free to take an updated picture for second grade. (Remember, a student's face should take up the majority of the photo.)

6) Double-click and swipe up to close out any open apps.

7) Open Gmail and delete or archive any old emails.

8) Photos & Videos - Please remove any non-school related photos or videos. Feel free to transfer them to another ipad.

9) Webex - Open the Webex app and review your child's account. Delete or leave any old spaces.

10) Please ensure a 100% charge and send back on Monday. Thank you so much for your help!

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