Agate Desert Parsley

A Rapid Decline With No Plan For Recovery

History of the Agate Desert Parsley

Although the Agate Desert Parsley can be found near well-populated areas, the species was completely unknown of until only 20 years ago. Incidentally, the plant was first discovered during a search for another rare plant species, the Large-Flowered Wooly Meadowfoam that also resides in the vernal pools of the Agate Desert (vernal pools are temporary pools of water that dry and refill periodically). At one time, vernal pool habitat was abundant in Oregon, though now it has been virtually eliminated. These unique habitats have been converted to sustain agricultural fields, commercial and industrial developments, and housing. Even the hydrology of areas not directly degraded by development has suffered the side-effects of nearby construction.

The Current Condition: A Severe Lack of Action

There are currently only 23 Agate Desert Parsley populations remaining in the world, all of which lie within Oregon. Also, there are no plans for attempting population growth or reducing habitat loss. The only action being taken is a passive one: if a population exists on agency-owned land or within the property of natural reserves, it is not to be interfered with. Few of the existing populations are being managed.

Current Range of Agate Desert Parsley

Agate Desert Parsley is found only in Oregon, United States of America within only a few counties.

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