Segregation Jim Crow Laws

Teyvion Kirk

Segregation Jim Crow Laws

1. Jim Crow Laws were named after a popular white minstrel act that made fun of African Americans.

2. Jim Crow Laws denied basic rights to the African American people.

3.It affected the black dramatically because they didn't have any freedom.

4. Gradually things got better, A policy was put into place called "separate but equal" which made everyone equal but the whites still wanted separation.

5.Lastly, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 came into place which banned discrimination officially.

A Key Person

MLK, Martin Luther King Jr. Was a very pivotal person involving the JIm Crow Laws. He fought for African American freedom and put his life on the line numerous times. He held marches, rallies, and did anything out his way to end segregation. He died for what he believed in and will always be remembered as a hero.

Event List

1. Brown vs Board of Education: This made segregation in schools illegal, and schools are diverse finally.

2. Civil Rights Act of 1964: It barred discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religious beliefs, or sex.

3. Plessy vs Ferguson: The court said it was legal to have "separate but equal" public facilities for black, trying to keep away from whites.


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