Poetry Portfolio

by Zeus Toots ( Bec Evans ) yr 7 line 7

for this assignment i have gone with a movie theme!

five senses poem!

Five senses poem:

it smells like hot popcorn

it tastes like the expensive drinks the theater sells

it looks like the soft red armchairs

it makes me excited to see the movie

it sounds like the annoying promos at the start of the movie

five W's poem !

who. The people of the public lining up outside the theater
what. To see the new premier.
when. At 12:00
where. woden (hoyts) Tuggeranong (limelight)
why. Because the new movie looks AWESOME!!!

Haiku Poems

movies why why why
are you so so expensive
no one will buy your food

Popcorn buttery
salty, tasty, yummy
delicious popcorn