¿What its ILEAD?

It's a project created to develop students from Elementary junior High to University in modern topics to generate a global learning enviroment through sostenible and concrete activities that will generate an entrepreneurship and innovation mindset



  • Located: Northwestern of Mexico
  • Capital: Culiacan
  • Known for: Its beautiful beaches, warm and cheerful people and of course the amazing cuisine. Its capital is also considered one of the centers of business more important of northwestern Mexico.
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Job description

The mindset of an entrepreneur is someone who sees an opportunity which not everyone recognise, they believe in hard work, commitment and adaptability and those are qualities we want teenagers to develop since are necessary to make the change we want to create and we propose to make this happen with certain activities that will be performed by international students.

  • You will make conferences in schools developing attractive topics that will be assigned.

  • The topics that would be discussed will be reinforce with workshops and activities where teenagers can develop their social and teamwork abilities as well what has been taught.

We provide

  • Accommodation - Host family
  • Transportation grand
  • 2 meals - at host family
  • IPS- Incoming preparation seminary