Promotional Advertising

by: Guangyu Luo

What is Promotional Advertising?

Promotional advertising is designed to increase sells. It introduces new products and businesses, encourages an interest in products, and explains product and service features. It often appears on newspapers, online, and on the media. It is also the kind of advertising we are most familiar of, it appears everyday and everywhere. Even on the products we buy, we see promotional advertising of a similar product of the same maker or a discount for the next time you purchase the same product. Promotional advertising its mainly used by small businesses, and it is rather inexpensive.

Examples of Promotional Advertising

Everyday of the week besides Sunday, when we do our daily routine of checking for mail, we also get our daily dosage of promotional advertisements at the same time. They can come in all shapes and sizes and various colors, and they usually offer you discounts for goods and informs you of the upcoming sale.

One thing we are all too familiar with is coupons, they are a excellent example of promotional advertising and generally offer you lower prices, they can be found in the mail, online, on the goods you buy, and many more places.

Another example of promotional advertising is youtube commercials, although google has a sick sense of humor of putting a three minute long advertisement on a thirty second videos, but it does its job, I am sure we all know the movie unfriended after seeing it's advertisements 1000 times.

Finally one last example I am giving you is through electronic mails, when you purchase at certain stores, they might ask your email so they can sent you coupons and alert you of sales, and sometimes you may randomly get advertisements of certain products.