By: Christina Bleiler

Type of Music

Salsa was named because in the 1970's it was given to various Cuban-devried genres. This type of music is most commonly listened to in Latin America and North America. The people associated with Salsa music are the people who like to dance to a good beat.

History of the Music

Johnny Pacheco brought Salsa music to New York to show that Salsa had been Cuban Music. The musical influences of Salsa music include Cuban Son, Son Montuno, and Guaracha.

Characteristics of Salsa

Some major characteristics of Salsa music include: made up of pop, jazz, rock, and R&B, essential pulse of Latin music, and is the primary music played at Latin dance clubs. The main instruments of salsa music is the arrangements. There is no special costumes associated with salsa music. Ricky Martin and Celia Cruz are two of the most famous artists associated with this type of music.

Connection to Dance

Salsa dancing is a dance associate with Salsa music.
Learn to Dance Salsa : Basic Steps for Beginners

Music Today and in the Future

Salsa music is associated with heritage. The projected future of Salsa will most likely increase. This is thought to be true by famous singers.