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September 18-22, 2017

We Are A.R.M.Y. Strong!!

Each day, we say the Continental Creed: "As a member of the Continental Army, I promise to be Accountable, Respectful, Motivated to Learn, and do mY best." We also remind students of our school goal of achieving P21 Exemplary School Status by 2021. P21 is a Framework for instruction that combines solid curriculum in key subjects, 21st Century skills, Information/Media/Technology Skills, and the Life/Career Skills our students will need to be successful in the modern work environment. This year we will be focusing on Collaboration skills and Critical Thinking strategies. Over the next four years, we will continue to work on all areas of the Framework. If you are interested in learning more about P21 education, please visit www.p21.org. Students will hear us say "Are you helping us get to P21 in 2021?" If we all focus on being ARMY Strong every day, we will reach this goal!
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Teacher Websites

Each subject in each grade level has a class website. These websites are updated with the topics for learning, resources to use as support, and any important dates for the classroom. Click on your child's grade and then select the subject to get to the specific information about your child's class information. If you have any questions about the information on the website, don't hesitate to email your child's teacher with questions or concerns. If you do not receive a response, you can email or call Mr. Meyer or Mrs. Branson.

6th Grade:


7th Grade:


8th Grade:


Related Arts:




Tools for Schools by Old National Bank

Please see the link below to help WMS! The more you vote, the more we receive!

Volleyball Game at Perry Heights

Monday, Sep. 18th, 4pm

5800 Hogue Road

Evansville, IN

Cross Country Meet

Tuesday, Sep. 19th, 4:30pm

8215 Pollack Ave

Evansville, IN

Volleyball Game vs. North

Wednesday, Sep. 20th, 4pm

1801 Washington Avenue

Evansville, IN

Cub Soccer Game

Wednesday, Sep. 20th, 6pm

Enlow Field

Good luck to our Honors Band and Orchestra students

This week, we will have 15 students trying out for the EVSC Honors Band and Orchestra. We have more than double the students we've had in the past trying out for this elite group! We're proud of our students for having the courage to represent us and we wish them good luck this week!

Junior Mental Health Association Volunteer and Community Outreach Opportunity

Students interested in volunteer service hours and community outreach are encouraged to meet other middle school students at the Central Library each month. The first meeting will be on September 27, 2017 at 6:30pm in the Large Group Room upstairs. Students will be served pizza and soft drinks while they work on service projects like St. John's Soup Kitchen, Children's Museum of Evansville floor help, Good Samaritan Bingo, Children's Psychiatric Center Christmas Party, and other projects that help our youth maintain their wellness. If you have questions, you can contact Eileen at (812) 202-1199 or Theresa at (812) 746-3733.

Girls Who Code

USI is offering an a program designed to close the gender gap in technology. All 6-8th grade girls are invited to register for this opportunity to use computer science to impact their community and join a supportive sisterhood of peers and role models. No experience is required. The cost is $30/student and will run every Thursday evening beginning in January. Registration opens October 16 at http://www.usi.edu/stem/

Uniform Reminders

As the weather gets cooler, our classroom temperatures will be up and down. We recommend that students bring a jacket, sweater or sweatshirt to leave in their lockers. Just remember that they have to be solid color, not have a hood, and have only small logos. If you have questions, please feel free to call us.

Bosse Cub Football Practice

Mr. Shoobridge will have the Bosse Cub Football Practice on Monday through Friday at Bosse High School from 2:30-4:30. Students will walk to Bosse together for practice.

ThinkPad Responsibility

Students are responsible for bringing their ThinkPads charged and ready to go each day. Please make sure students have a place designated as their charging station at home where they won't forget it in the morning. Without textbooks, this is our lifeline during the day. If you're finding that you child is abusing the privilege of having a ThinkPad at home, please contact Mr. Meyer or Mr. Gaffney to make alternative arrangements. Thank you in advance for your help!

How is your child doing in classes?

Access this link to see your child's grades, discipline, attendance, and schedules. You can also update your contact information or email teachers from this site. If you have questions or you cannot log in, you can contact the main office at Washington Middle School.


If you have questions or concerns about grades you can contact your child's teachers, Mrs. Bender Carrie.Bender@evsc.k12.in.us or Administration to set up meetings.

After-School Programs

The After-school programs have already started, but it's not too late to join! This is a great way for students to explore their interests and meet new people with similar interests. Contact Mr. Walls to sign up. Right now, we have the following programs available:

Chess- Tuesdays

Minecraft - 6th grade on Tuesdays and 7th/8th grade on Thursdays

Green Team -Fridays

Chronicles of Yarnia: Knitting - Mondays or Tuesdays

Diamonds (YMCA) - Mondays and Wednesdays

Y-CAP (YMCA) - Mondays and Wednesdays

Bowling - Mondays or Tuesdays

Pokemon - Fridays

Mythology - Thursdays

Drama - Tuesdays

Book vs. Movie - Mondays

Responsible Usage Technology Agreement

Please make sure students have a location at home to charge their ThinkPad every night. These are our textbooks and we give the national and state tests on these machines, so it's important that they have their ThinkPads every day and that they are charged. If students have a concern about their ThinkPads they can see Mr. Felty in room 32. If you'd rather them not bring it home or if you have concerns about your child's usage, please contact Mr. Meyer or Mr. Gaffney. The EVSC policy on responsible usage can be found at the following link: https://district.evscschools.com/UserFiles/Servers/Server_74688/File/Acad%20&%20Prog/Early%20Childhood%20Education/One-to-One%20Technology%20Initiative/responsible.pdf

Cell Phone Policy

We recommend that students keep their cell phones in their lockers from bell to bell (7:30am-2:30pm) in order to ensure they are safe. However, if students feel uncomfortable leaving their phone in their lockers, they are welcome to bring their phone to the Main Office before homeroom, and we will secure it in a locked closet to be picked up at the end of the day. Occasionally, our teachers will ask students to bring their phones to class for a project, to share their work, or to use educational apps. If students have their cell phones out or are using it during a time not approved by their teachers, they will be asked to give their phone to their teacher to be returned at the end of the class or school day. After one warning, the teacher will take the cell phone to the Main Office to be picked up by a parent. If you have questions about the policy, please feel free to contact Mr. Meyer, Mr. Gaffney or Mrs. Branson.

Study Cafe and Retakes

We will be offering Study Cafe after school again this year. We have divided the session into two parts: Retakes and Tutoring. If your child does not reach proficient on any part of an assessment, they can schedule a retake with their teacher. Their teacher will leave the assessment in a folder for the supervisors, and your child may stay after school to retake.

If your child needs additional support with any subject, they can stay after for tutoring. In order to schedule after school tutoring, students can sign up with Mr. Walls in Room 26A or parents can email Mr. Walls at dominic.walls@evsck12.com.

We are trying to keep the classes small, so students can get the help they need. If students do not sign up for the sessions or schedule an assessment with their teacher, they will not be able to stay. Please let us know if you have questions or concerns regarding help for your child.

PBIS Points and Base Exchange

Again this year, students will be receiving points for doing the right things. Students can use the points to purchase items like school supplies, spirit wear, ear buds, tablets, bikes, personal hygiene items and other gifts in the PBIS Base Exchange store located in the Media Center. The Base Exchange will be open starting Monday, August 21st in the Media Center during recess periods. If you are interested in donating new or gently used items for our Base Exchange, please bring those items to the main office. We will be happy to write up a receipt for tax deductions for any items donated. Thank you in advance for helping keep this open for our students!

Contact Us!

Please contact us with questions or concerns! If you have specific concerns regarding a teacher or class, we encourage you to email, call or meet with the teacher to work on a solution. Mrs. Bender, our school counselor, is your contact for scheduling or student concerns. Mrs. Miller, our Youth First Social Workers, is your contact for community resources, family support, or student therapy group sessions. Mrs. Amuzie, our school Social Worker, is your contact for Food Bags, Hangers Clothing Bank applications, peer concerns, or general student support. If you have continued concerns, please contact Mr. Meyer, Mr. Gaffney or Ms. Branson. What we don't know can't be fixed!