Gain Brain

Harness visual, mental & physical energy to stay in the game

In-spire Coaching and Facilitation

In-spire is the life purpose and passion of Michelle Tandy who has created a coaching, training and facilitation consultancy that believes in the ability of every person to live at their highest potential.

My purpose is to assist individuals within organisations to:

  • Re-energise their enthusiasm for what they do and why they are doing it
  • Groom hidden talents and nurture passions
  • Establish goals and purpose statements
  • Help polish current skills and develop further expertise.

In-spire, through the Gain Brain workshop provides the tools and focus necessary to develop, transform and energize the individual, leading to a team full of purpose, direction and energy.

Gain Brain activities

Brain Play

More opportunities for physical activity at work leads to healthier employees, stronger job performance, and a boost to the business bottom line via decreased health care costs and improved productivity.

Get energetic and creative whilst exploring team dynamics and emotional intelligence through fun, interactive and challenging Boardroom Olympics.

Doodle fuel

Creativity is not just for arty type. It allows the right side of the brain to take hold of the wheel and journey off track. You don't need to be a Picasso or a Rembrandt - just a doodler. Why would we do this ?

Doodling improves Your memory, concentration, problem solving skills and reduces your stress levels , to mention just a few benefits.

Get into the habit of drawing out ideas on paper and you will never put the pen down after that.

Mind Games

Mind Games is a natural stimulus for creativity. It opens up new ways of viewing things and stimulates innovative ideas for solutions to difficult problems.

Game involvement and contributing to team success in a light atmosphere assists to reduce the fear of rejection attached to your own ideas, making team members in the work place more willing to take risks in proposing unusual ideas.

Being able to play & have fun together makes being part of a team more enjoyable, helps to solve problems, to connect & be more creative.

Half Day Team Building costs

  • Facilitator per hour =R1000.00
  • Materials = R350
  • Travel outside of Gauteng, Venue and catering costs not included
  • Maximum 40 delegates per facilitator
  • Invoice to be paid to book the session