9/11 Plane attack

Terorists? Or Not?

The attack on Manhattan.

On 9/11/01 2 planes attacked the "Twin Towers" Or the World Trade centers. In the process of the attack, Trade centers 4, 5, 6, and 7, burned to the ground. We are devastated from what happened. people are leaving the town of Manhattan by boats or by foot. Yes, people are walking on the golden state bridge through the traffic.
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As you can see the 2nd plane is crashing into the North Tower while the South Tower Is on fire.

The Planes that crashed.

United Flight 175, also a Boeing 767-200ER, was the second. Like American Airlines 11, it was scheduled to fly between ­Logan and LAX. When United 175 took off at 8:14 a.m., it was even lighter than the American flight: Only 56 out of 168 seats were occupied. When it crashed into the South Tower at 9:03 a.m., traveling 540 mph, it had 9,118 gallons of fuel in its tanks.
The first of the four planes [P4] to depart was American ­Airlines Flight 11, a Boeing 767-200ER. It was 159 feet and two inches long, with a sixteen-foot-six-inch-wide body that allowed for two aisles. The plane made daily flights between Boston and Los Angeles, and when it took off at 7:59 a.m. on the morning of the eleventh, it carried only 81 passengers in its 158 seats. Forty-seven minutes later, it crashed into the North Tower at 440 mph, carrying 9,717 gallons of jet fuel, 14,000 gallons under capacity.