Bufflehead Duck

By Edward Hossler

Bufflehead ducks (Bucephala albeola)

The male Bufflehead is larger and more colorful than the female. the difference between color schemes includes the male being more white with a colorful greenish- purple spot behind the neck while the female is brown and white. the males can weight up to a pound while the females are about 11 ounces.

Bufflehead Habitat

The Bufflehead Duck's habitat ranges from Northern Alaska to Central Mexico, depending on time of year. The Bufflehead Duck stays in Northern Alaska during summer while they are breeding. The Bufflehead goes anywhere from the United States all the way towards Central Mexico for migration during the winter.

Bufflehead Eating Habits

Bufflehead ducks dive for 12-20 seconds for snails and other invertebrates that live in water. When the water is frozen, in winter, the ducks eat flies and dragon flies. The eating habits of Bufflehead are unique with how they dive for their food but while the ducks dive for food they have other ducks around the area to protect the ones feeding from predators.

Male and female

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