Welcome Week!

August 31, 2020

Dear Students,

I am sending this with great excitement that we are starting tomorrow! I'm sure that many of you are wondering what to do, so I will lay it out step by step below.


Mr. Brock

Step 3: Log into Google Classroom for P.1 before 9:45am

You will need to join your online class zoom promptly at 9:45, so get the link with plenty of time.

Step 4: Follow your teacher's directions to adding an interactive journal to your drive.

You will use this one journal in all of your classes this week. You do not need to make multiple copies, just use the same one in all classes.

Questions? You can contact our virtual main office every morning this week starting at 8.

You can join our virtual main office in the following ways:

Brock Ryan is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Phone: 1-669-219-2599

Zoom Meeting ID: 953 1983 7928

Zoom Meeting Link:


Mann Middle School

Here are some common contacts for families:

Attendance Office: 619-560-4460