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March 17, 2016

Literacy & Social Studies

Text Dependent Writing

This issue of The Classroom Connection is dedicated to what we're doing as writers and researchers. Let's celebrate the writers showcased in this issue for their efforts with responding to a prompt. As you can see they're reading multiple texts to get different perspectives on the same topic and learning to use evidence from these texts to support their claims and opinions. The components of the rubric are described below.

Expectations for Text Dependent Writing:

  • Effectively addresses all parts of the task
  • Strong organizational structure including an effective introduction, development, and conclusion
  • Thorough analysis based on explicit and implicit meanings from the text(s) to support claims, opinions, and ideas
  • Accurate and direct reference to the text(s) using an effective combination of details, examples, quotes, and/or facts
  • Substantial reference to the main ideas and relevant key details of the text(s)
  • Skillful use of transitions to link ideas
  • Effective use of precise language and domain-specific vocabulary drawn from the text(s)
  • Few errors, if any, are present in sentence formation, grammar, usage, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation; errors present do not interfere with meaning

Be sure to ask your child about the text they're reading and analyzing this week!

Marquis B

My Great Depression Essay

​I think people changed for a lot of reasons during the Great Depression. Americans became more resourceful. American changed their spending habits. Americans started the government program from the New Deal to survive. The Great Depression changed the way that people lived their lives.

​People did not have a lot of money during the Great Depression. This made Americans become more resourceful. They had to find ways to recycle stuff that has in their house. In paragraph seven of Digging In it said “a partial list would include toothpaste (we used soda), toilet paper (we used the catalog), newspaper or magazine subscriptions” are things that were used in homes. All of these items were used in homeswhen people did not have enough money to buy stuff.

Many people had no jobs in during the Great Depression. People did different jobs to make money for the family. Theyhad to find ways to make money so they could have money to get things they need. In Digging In paragraph three the Dad sold iron cords, picked peaches, and painted houses to make money. In paragraph two of Digging in the Dad took any job to make money for the family and the Mom stretched every dollar. People did what they had to do to make money.

Mr. Roosevelt made the New Deal for Americans. Itstarted government programs so people could survive. In did Debts the first stanza said, “Daddy is thinking of taking a loan from Mr. Roosevelt and his men, to get some new wheat planted. The government was giving loans to help people survive after the Great Depression. The Ma did not want the Daddy to take the loan. It was not raining to help grow the wheat. People really needed help from the New Deal to help them during the Great Depression.

​I think people change during the Great Depression. Many people had to be resourceful with what they had. People had to change their spending habits. The government did the New Deal to help people. These are the reasons I feel that people changed during the Great Depression.

Taylor M.

The Great Depression was a hard time for Americans. Based on what I read, Americans did not spend money much, and many relied on the New Deal programs.

During the Great Depression, people had to become more resourceful because they couldn't buy what they needed. According to the text I read, (Digging In) the family used newspaper for toilet paper. Americans had to use free things around their house to help their daily needs.

People used to go around spending their money, but not during the depression! Americans changed their spending habits. They didn't have much money to spend anyways. They stopped spending money to save money. According to the text (Digging In) the family turned off anything that would cost money, like the city water.

In the Great Depression, the New Deal programs helped Americans recover from their loss of food and money. For example, the SSB helped unemployed and the retired get monthly paychecks. The New Deal programs helped Americans get jobs and money in many ways.

Based on these reasons, the Great Depression changed the way Americans thought about the world. The Great Depression affected Americans in many ways.

Morgan C.

The Effects of the Great Depression

The Great Depression changed Americans lives in many ways. According to the passages I read, people became resourceful, they changed their attitudes towards life, and Americans had to become more dependent on the New Deal Programs.

During the Great Depression, one way Americans were affected is that people had to become more resourceful. In the passage Digging In, it says that a family had to use baking soda to brush their teeth, and they used pages from a catalog as toilet paper!

During the Great Depression, another way Americans were affected is that people had to change their attitude towards life. In the poem “Debts,” the dad was a farmer. All he could do was change his attitude to a hopeful one and hope that it would rain so his crops would grow.

During the Great Depression, another way how the Great Depression affected Americans is they began to depend on the New Deal Programs. Based on a line in the poem, Debts the Daddy had to depend on the AAA to get some new wheat planted.

In conclusion, how Americans were affected by the Great Depression is they had to become more resourceful, changed attitudes, and many Americans began to rely on the New Deal Programs.

Investigating Text Structures

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February's Book Review of the Month - Alivia J.

Trading Faces by Julia Devillers and Jennifer Roy

Trading Faces is about identical twins. One twin, (payton) created a issue in her personal life so in the middle they switch places. Payton is the twin who is popular and cool. Emma is the twin who is smart, gets all A’s, she is a tomboy and she loves sports.The twins call it trading faces because they are identical but is called trading places.

The main setting of this book is at school, but the only other settings are the mall, and their home.The twins are starting middle school in the seventh grade.They get a surprise at the beginning of their school year they both get their very own IPhone they are shocked and surprised they were very happy.

This book does not have pictures but I like that because it has imagery it makes you picture, imagine, or have a movie in your head of what is happening in the book. Trading Faces, has lots of problems that happen and get fixed. It is a Fantastic book about twins.This book has strong, bold, and long words, like on page 1, the word was Scrounged. The theme of this book is to always be honest if things are hard talk it out always, before you decide to do something.

I recommend Trading Faces to anyone who loves to hear about twins or problems that get fixed. I also think you would like this book if you like realistic fiction stories or insider information about a character, I love this book so much i would rate it a 100. Enjoy!

Star Rating:★★★★★

By: Alivia J.

Observing Our New Bee Friends

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Today's VIP Folder should include:

  1. Graded papers
  2. Graduation Dress Code Letter - Please sign and return.
  3. Winter MAP Reports

Upcoming Classroom and School Events:

3/18 - Saluda Shoals field trip - Remind your child to wear his/her 5th grade tshirt or a DFES shirt.

3/18 - Scholastic orders are due.

3/21 - End of third nine weeks

3/24 - Homeroom Spring Celebrations

3/25 - Spring Break begins

​4/5 - WWII Test (tentative)

4/5 - 3rd Nine Weeks Report Card​

4/8 - Book Review due and March Reading Goal Sheets due

Have a Wonderful Weekend!