Today's Queen Elizabeth

Be: Talya Nhmias and Noam Zamir


*Every day,200-300 and somtiemes many more letters from the public arrive . the queen chooses a selection to read herself andtells members of her staff how she would like them to be answered.

*these are sent up to her by the private secretaries in the famous red boxes . all of these papers have to be read and where necessary approved and signes

*each meeting usually lests 10 to 20 minutes ,and usually the queen and her visitor meet alone


* In the afternoons, The Queen often goes out on public engagements.

*The Queen regularly goes out for the whole day to a particular region or city. If the visit is a busy one, or if it lasts more than a day, then The Queen will travel overnight on the Royal Train.

*If the engagement is outside London, her journeys are often by air using a helicopter or an RAF aircraft.


The Queen has numerous private interests, which can coincide with her public work, to complete her working day.

Her Majesty also attends the Derby and the Summer Race Meeting at Ascot, a Royal occasion. As a keen owner and breeder of racehorses, she often sees her horses run at other meetings.

As owner of private estates at Balmoral and Sandringham, The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh oversee the management of the estates which are run on a commercial basis. She takes a close interest in all aspects of estate life, particularly in the tenant farmers and employees who live and work on the estates.