Happy New Year!

An exciting year lies ahead in 2014....


CONGRATULATIONS ... 2013 was incredible! Record breaking team sales, individual sales, promotions and commissions. The friendships that have been made along the way, incentives won (more about this later) and thousands of £'s of product credit earned during Jump Starts have been beyond anything I could have imagined. Our team now has an amazing 183 Stylists too! Thank you for being a part of it - I hope you have enjoyed being a Stylist during 2013 and are excited about the next 12 months!

The BEST news is that........

Head office training calls this week.....

Kick start your business by taking advantage of some of the amazing training on offer this week. Most calls are 15-30 minutes (you can mute yourself on the phone by pressing #6 if the kids are around or you have background noise), you don't speak/just listen and I guarantee you will be inspired and motivated as a result!

Welcome to 2014 Call, Thursday 2nd January, 1pm

UK Freephone: 0800 229 0141

From mobile: 0203 398 3782

Access Code: 498979

Book Blitz and Rev Up Call, Friday 3rd January, 10am and 7pm

UK Freephone: 0800 229 0141

From mobile: 0203 398 3782

Access Code: 498979

Train the Trainer with Danielle Redner, Friday 3rd January, 6pm GMT

Please join Danielle on January 3rd for a quick webinar to review the agenda and talking points for the Circle of Success training. There will also be a also be a video of the training on the Book and Sponsor segments in SDU under Business Builder / Spring 2014 (This will be posted on January 7th, after the Spring 2014 collection has launched).

From Landline: 0800-747-5150

Access: 2930843#


PLEASE try to attend one of these events for training and to view the new collection...

LAUNCH YOUR BUSINESS - London (see below for Manchester)

Saturday, Jan. 11th, 12:30-6pm

Novotel West in Hammersmith, London. W6 8DR

Click here to book your ticket for LONDON



Leader Morning – Career Level Senior Stylists & Above in December 2013

09:00am – 10:00am Registration

10:00am – 12:30pm Leader Training Session

12:30pm – 01:30pm Leaders Lunch (complimentary buffet lunch)

01:30pm – 02:00pm Jewellery Viewing

All Stylists Training

12:30pm – 01:30pm Registration

01:30pm – 02:00pm Jewellery Viewing

02:00pm – 06:00pm General Session

Wrap Up the Season Challenge – Qualifications to attend: Level 5 Earners

06:30pm – 10:00pm Toast to your success and enjoy a real treat with Kathleen & Veryan

If you have any further questions or inquires please email eventsuk@stelladot.com


Monday, Jan. 13th, 12:30-6pm

Peter Street


Click here to book your ticket for MANCHESTER


(See above for agenda)