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Letter to our Community

Crockett Community,

I hope this finds each of you staying healthy and adjusting to our second week of continuous learning. I truly appreciate your patience and flexibility while we adjust to a new schedule, new platforms, new ways of communicating with our community, and a new way of doing school. We hope by now you have logged on to BLEND for each of your classes, including advisory, and you are completing the lessons in BLEND. If you are finding a hard time completing these lessons, please reach out to your teacher, counselor or assistant principal.

Last week, Dr. Cruz sent out an email that explains the grading policy that was approved by the Board. I have included it in the Chatter below. We will also be sending out information that guides students and families on how a pass or incomplete for this semester will be determined. We know this is all very complicated and confusing. So, please fill out the Crockett Family Question/Information Request form in the link below if you still have questions that we have not yet addressed.

Please remember that we cannot replicate the school day nor are we trying to get you to replicate the school day at your home. We recognize this is all very challenging for our entire school community. So, continue to be kind with one another and remember to model our Crockett Core Values of Peace, Resilience, Integrity, Diversity, and Engagement during this time.

Cougar Pride,

Kori Crawford


Crockett Early College High School


Cohort 2020 Families and Students,

My heart is truly breaking for all the seniors that are missing so many milestones as they approach the end of their high school career. Despite so many senior events being cancelled, nothing can take away the pride that we have for our seniors in all that they have accomplished.

I am sending each of you my heartfelt appreciation as you have continued to be patient through these uncharted territories. If you still have questions that we have not yet addressed, please fill out the Crockett Family Question/Information Request form in the link below.

Below is the letter that went out regarding prom and graduation.

Dear Crockett Early College High School Families,

We know how important the prom and graduation season is to our seniors, their families, and friends. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, is causing changes to all aspects of our lives.

For the safety of our students, staff, and families, and in response to the Stay Home – Work Safe order banning all large gatherings, we are canceling all proms and postponing our graduation ceremonies for this school year. Canceling proms now will allow school administrators to work with vendors to refund monies to students and families.

AISD’s graduation ceremonies originally scheduled for May 26-28, 2020, will be postponed to Aug. 10 -13, 2020. Crockett Early College High School’s graduation is scheduled for Thursday, August 13th at 3:30 pm at the Frank Erwin Center. As a reminder, because of the ongoing COVID-19 issues, those new dates are subject to change and dependent on conditions at that time. The tentative August graduation schedule can be found here.

In addition, the High Schools Office, with a committee of parents, students and principals, is working on a virtual graduation ceremony plan. We will announce details about the ceremonies shortly. We expect the virtual graduations to occur on or around June 15, 2020. We are currently working with Herff Jones on a date for cap and gown pickup. We will communicate that information as soon as we get it.

We are disappointed that these important milestones cannot continue as scheduled, but we are hopeful that we can come together virtually in June and in-person in August to celebrate the successes of our seniors.

Always Victorious,

Kori Crawford


Crockett Early College High School

Crockett Family Question/ Information Request

Please fill out the form below, and an administrator will get back to you with more information.

Austin ISD Approved Grading Policy

Below it the letter that went out regarding the grading policy that was approved by the Austin ISD Board of Trustees.

April 8, 2020

Dear Austin ISD Family,

As Continuous Learning has begun this week, I am encouraged by the resilience our community has shown as we transition into this new way of learning. I know there have been many questions about what Continuous Learning means for our 81,000 students and I am happy to provide this update as details have become more clear.

Our Board of Trustees approved a resolution Monday evening that temporarily updated our policy regarding grading and graduation in response to the ongoing campus closures due to COVID-19 precautions.

Under the new policy, all students will receive either a grade of Pass or Incomplete. Teachers will provide feedback on student performance and monitor progress. A record of incomplete will not affect a student’s ability to advance to the next grade or graduate, but rather will identify students who need extra support in the summer or next year. Teachers can monitor progress via phone conversation if the family doesn’t have reliable access to computers or the internet.

Austin ISD is first focused on the whole child’s physical and mental health amidst the separation from campus communities. AISD staff will continue to work with students and families to support needs as the district transitions into continuous learning.

Below you will find the full text of the resolution and a set of frequently asked questions that will provide more information and detailed implications for student GPAs, graduating seniors, elective classes, advanced coursework and elementary school students.

While the FAQ includes many questions we have been asked in the past weeks, I understand there may be more questions that pertain to your family. Please don’t hesitate the reach out to your campus administration who can best support your student’s individual needs. Thank you for your patience as we continue to navigate this new situation together as an AISD Family.


Paul Cruz, Ph.D.



Regarding Grading, GPA, and Class Rank

April 6, 2020

WHEREAS, on March 19, 2020, the Texas Governor issued Executive Order No. GA-08 relating to COVID-19 preparedness and mitigation and through this action and in accordance with Guidelines from the President ordered the temporary closure of all Texas school districts;

WHEREAS, on March 13, 2020, Austin Independent School District began closure of the district to protect the health and safety of staff and students;

WHEREAS, In light of the pandemic health crisis which resulted in a national and state order for sheltering in place and a state order closing all schools within the State of Texas through May 4, 2020, all students in the District were impacted;

WHEREAS, the Board has implemented procedures for continuity of instruction to the extent possible during the district closure;

WHEREAS, the Board finds that a need exists to temporarily adjust local policy provisions addressing class rank under these circumstances to ensure fair and consistent designation of local honors;

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Board of Trustees of AUSTIN INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT, that the District finds a substantial public purpose exists to temporarily modify Board Policy EIC (LOCAL) for the 2019-2020 school-year as follows:

1. For High School Seniors, class rank will not be calculated at the end of the sixth six-week grading period as stated in the current Board Policy EIC (LOCAL). Rather, class rank will be calculated based on the semester average at the end of the third six-week grading period of the 2019-2020 school-year, which has already been calculated and reported;

2. For all classes that began during the Spring Semester of the 2019-2020 school year all student grades will be recorded and reported as pass or incomplete and transcripts will denote a course credit as pass or incomplete;

3. GPA calculations going forward for all High School Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors currently enrolled in the 2019-2020 school-year will not include the Spring 2020 semester.

Therefore, for example, a current Freshman who completes high school within four years will have a total GPA calculated on 7 semesters, rather than 8 semesters; and ATTACHMENT 1 4. Board Policy EIC (LOCAL) will resume without modification in the 2020-2021 school-year with the exception of the GPA calculation impact described in Section 3 above;


Frequently Asked Questions

What does this mean for high school students?

The fourth and fifth six-weeks grades will be combined into one 10-week grading period. This combined grading period will serve as evidence of the student’s performance in the third quarter of learning.

All final grades for the spring semester will be entered as “Pass” or “Incomplete”.

Yearlong averages will be calculated by averaging the fall semester (50%) and the average of the grades earned during the 10-week spring 2020 grading period (50%).

This ensures that students who failed the fall 2019 semester of a yearlong course will be permitted to repair failing grades or make up missing assignments in order to earn the year long credit.

How will my senior meet graduation requirements?

All cohort 2020 student records will be reviewed to ensure students are on track to satisfy all requirements in their personal graduation plan.

The student, caregivers and guidance counselors will create a plan of action for any student at-risk of not completing all requirements for graduation.

Students in cohort 2020 will be able to continue working to meet graduation requirements.

Students who have not passed one or more STAAR examinations are eligible for the Individual Graduation Committee (IGC) process. Seniors will need to complete their assigned IGC Courses via Garza Online to meet all state testing requirements.

All graduation plans will target a May 26, 2020 completion. Parents of students who are not successful in meeting requirements for graduation shall be informed of any available options, such as an extended year program or summer school.

How does this impact students’ rank GPA?

Final rank GPA for cohort 2020 students will be calculated according to AISD’s policy using grades transcripted through the Fall 2019 semester. Rank GPA is used to determine the top 10% of the class and the valedictorian and the salutatorian for the class of 2020.

Final rank GPA for the 2020 school year for all grade levels will be calculated according to AISD’s policy using grades transcripted as of 12/20/19.

Cumulative GPA calculations will not include grades transcripted from the Spring 2020 semester.

How will students earn a P or an I for the second semester?

All assignments and assessments considered in the spring of 2020 must have been due prior to March 13, 2020. Grades after March 13 will be used to determine how much students are progressing to proficiency, attaining proficiency, incomplete in their progress toward proficiency, or incomplete because the district and students were not able to navigate this new learning space in these uncertain times.

Students can make up or repair any prior assignments assigned during the spring 2020 semester (10-week spring semester grades)

How will this affect AP, IB, and CTE exams and certifications?

Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, Dual Credit, OnRamps, and specific Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses that result in certification and/or articulated or be transferred for college credit will follow the curriculum and regulations of the respective external governing agencies beyond AISD’s local control. Teachers will continue in the prescribed curriculum including feedback to students, review activities, and preparation for their end of year assessments or certifications.

What about Dual Credit courses?

Students enrolled in dual credit courses will earn a P for Pass, an I for Incomplete, or a D for Drop.

How will students keep up in fine arts or athletics?

Students in performance-based courses such as fine arts, Career and Technical Education, athletics, world languages, or others will continue working on their proficiencies using individual videos, performance and technique challenges, and continuous skill development to keep students actively engaged.

What does this mean for middle school students?

As with high school students, the fourth and fifth six-weeks grades will be combined into one 10-week grading period and compromise the third quarter of the school year.

All final grades for the Spring semester will be entered as “Pass” or “Incomplete”.

Yearlong averages will be calculated by averaging the fall semester (50%) and the average of the grades earned during the 10-week spring 2020 grading period (50%). Students who are in danger of not earning the yearlong credit will be able to repair their grades in order to earn the final year-long credit.

Assignments and Assessments

All assignments and assessments considered in the spring of 2020 must have been due prior to March 13, 2020. Grades after March 13 will be used to determine how much students are progressing to proficiency, attaining proficiency, incomplete in their progress toward proficiency, or incomplete because the district and students were not able to navigate this new learning space in these uncertain times.

Students can make up or repair any prior assignments assigned during the spring 2020 semester (10-week spring semester grades)

Incomplete Grading

Incompletes will not be used for promotion or retention, but will be used to identify students who will need extra help and support next school year through small group instruction and/or tutorials.

How will middle school students enrolled in high school courses earn credit?

The same high school guidelines apply for middle school students; however, middle school guardians/students will also have the opportunity to drop any high school credit courses taken during the 19-20 school year during the fall semester of the 20-21 school year.

How will elementary students keep up with their learning?

Teachers will work closely with their students all year either through online learning, emails with pictures of students’ completed work, or even joint phone calls with caregivers and students.

Teachers will monitor student progress on the most important skills, content and standards that will prepare our young people for success next year. Teachers will be in communication with parents and caregivers regarding their students’ progress. Students will be identified who may be in need of extra support in the summer or the following school year.

Our Social-Emotional Learning Department will design community outreach through creative activities that encourage social emotional wellness while respecting social distancing. Examples include Zoom meetings where students can bring and introduce their pets or a carnival designed to be driven through without attendees leaving their vehicle.

Grades administered after March 13 will be used to determine how much students are progressing to proficiency, attaining proficiency, incomplete in their progress toward proficiency, or incomplete because the district and students were not able to navigate this new learning space in these uncertain times.

What do I do if I don't have access to a computer or the internet

As a district we pride ourselves on our innovation as well as a commitment to leveling the playing field. We realize that not every family will have access to a computer and the internet, that's why we've begun the following initiatives to help.

  • Chromebook and WiFi hotspot distribution for grades 3-7

  • Retrofitting buses with WiFi to park in high-needs areas

  • Paper packets and school supplies distribution at certain sites

  • Many screen-free lessons on our AISD Learning At Home website

We've also designed the AISD Learning At Home website to be easily viewable on any device. Regardless, we know that at the end of the day not every family will have the same amount of access to these resources. Families who cannot access a computer will use the packet pickups at the meal sites. Teachers will then monitor progress through over the phone conversations with parents and students.

Crockett Continuous Learning Schedule

Below is the schedule for Crockett students starting April 6th

The periods listed below will be live study group times where students may connect as a community, gain clarity around the week's expectations, and get questions answered.

  • Teachers will provide a live study group for each of their periods during the time listed at least once per week. For example, period 1 could meet Monday OR Wednesday at 11:00 OR Monday AND Wednesday at 11:00.

  • Please refer to your teacher’s BLEND course on when they will be meeting, instructions for how to join the study group, and for assignments.

  • We will also be sending out a master schedule that lists all teachers’ availability and live study group times.

  • Attendance during the period time is encouraged, but not required if your child is unavailable.The learning will be able to be completed without attendance during this period time.

If your child's circumstances allow it, please make sure your child is regularly checking their email and logging onto BLEND. Your student’s emotional, mental, and physical safety are a priority for us during this time. This work comes secondary to making sure you and your child are safe and healthy.

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Important Information About SAFE Alliance

Dear parents, guardians, and caretakers in the Crockett community,

Thank you so much for working together to provide our students as much stability and support as possible during these unprecedented times. In addition to providing families with educational content, we want to make sure you know what to do if you or a loved one is in an unsafe situation at home.

The SAFE Alliance, or SAFE, is a non-profit located in Austin and their mission is to Stop Abuse For Everyone. Despite the covid-19 crisis, their doors and supportive programs for people affected by abuse remain open. You can access SAFE to learn more about their services, ask questions, and get immediate help by contacting the 24-hr SAFEline:

For more information on healthy relationships and signs of abuse, you can visit the following websites:

Love Is Respect

Break the Cycle

To report suspected child or elder abuse:

TX Abuse Hotline

We want to reinforce that even during quarantine, you are not alone. We are here to help you and your children stay connected and stay safe!

Crockett ECHS is using BLEND to amplify and support teaching, learning, and communication

Here are some key things to know:

  • BLEND is our district's version of Canvas LMS(Links to an external site), a tool that the University of Texas and other K-12 districts, colleges, and universities around the country are using to support instruction. This is why BLEND email/text notifications say "Canvas."

  • Teachers are still getting comfortable with BLEND and are using it to varying degrees.

  • ALL Parents/Guardians have "Observer" access to BLEND. This means that when they click on BLEND through the portal or download and set up the Canvas mobile app, they will automatically be able to view any published content for their child's courses.

  • Parents will ONLY be able to see individual responses and teacher feedback for their child, not for the entire class.

  • TEAMS is still the grade book of record. Parents should still access overall course grades through Self Serve, but if a teacher is using BLEND to grade individual assignments, parents can view those assignment grades in BLEND.


These links will take parents to short screencasts that demonstrate what BLEND looks like from the parent "observer" view.

BLEND Parent Access Screencast Video

BLEND Parent Access Screencast (Spanish)


This link will direct parents to another BLEND course with very detailed information about how BLEND works. The course is available in English and Spanish.

Helpful Blend Information

These printable documents provide parents/guardians with key information about BLEND.

BLEND Parent 1-Pager

BLEND Parent 1-Pager (Spanish)

Multiple Languages Supported

This page contains helpful BLEND (Canvas) guides in multiple languages.

BLEND (Canvas) Guides - Guías - 指南中文版

Zoom Meeting Tips for students and families

Zoom tutorials to help students, parents, and families prepare for April 6th launch date for online learning.

A Message from Communities in Schools

Hi all,

The CIS team misses our Crockett students, families, and colleagues! I know this time can be unpredictable and stressful, but we are ALL here to support you in any way we can. Although we are keeping a physical distance from each other, we want to stay engaged and connected during this time.

The CIS team will be checking in with CIS students and families by phone, email, and following up by mail when we are unable to make phone contact. As we reach out to families, we will offer words of encouragement, a connection, and assess if family needs are being met. We also aim to engage as many students and families as possible in ongoing virtual case management and support sessions via phone or Zoom. We are prioritizing ongoing services for our current CIS families but we will communicate about the ability to enroll new families into CIS as we know that new needs are arising daily.

CIS has compiled a list of resources available for families, including healthcare and basic needs. We can help with making referrals and navigating the supports that are available. We will be updating these resource lists regularly.

  1. CIS Shared (All Central Texas) COVID Resources
  2. Regional resources: Travis County, Hays County, Bastrop County (Elgin info here), Caldwell County

Our students, families, and colleagues can reach out to the CIS team through phone call or email. We are always here for our Crockett community!

Tara Domasco, CIS Program Manager, 512-766-987

Nathan Leshin, CIS/XY-Zone Coordinator, 512-766-9483

Advanced Coursework Updates:

Early College High School/Dual Credit - ACC started back on March 30, 2020. All courses will be administered online. All students who are in dual credit courses will be contacted to ensure they have the technology needed to continue their work.

Advanced Placement - The examinations will all be taken at home in the form of free-response essays or short-answer questions. The College Board is providing free video review lessons for students. Our teachers will also support students by providing online instruction.

UT OnRamps - The courses will restart on April 6, 2020. UT has adjusted the curriculum so students will be able to complete the coursework by the end of the semester. Our teachers will continue to support our students online. College credit will still be available for students.

International Baccalaureate - The May 2020 examination sessions are canceled. Students will be awarded a Diploma or a Course Certificate based on each student's coursework. More information and guidance is forthcoming.

College Examination Updates:

TSI - The examination must be taken in a certified testing site. There is an option for students to take the examination at home. The High School Office is investigating whether the option is viable.

SAT - The March and May examinations have been canceled. The June 6 SAT is still scheduled. Khan Academy will be available for all students to prepare for the examination.

ACT - The April examination has been canceled. The next scheduled exam is June 13, 2020.


Austin ISD

Austin ISD Crisis Support Fund
Telehealth Options for Families
Board Resolution - Emergency COVID-19 March 13, 2020

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CDC on COVID-19:
CDC on COVID-19 in Texas:
CDC’s Traveler’s Health Notices:
CDC Confirmed Cases of COVID-19:


CDC Handwashing Videos (English/Spanish)

The City of Austin

City of Austin COVID-19:
City of Austin COVID-19 FAQ:

School-Based Mental Health Services - VIDA CLINIC

Austin ISD's school-based mental health partner, Vida Clinic, is now offering teletherapy services to the entire Austin ISD community. These services will allow adults and students to access quality mental health services right from their own homes. To schedule an appointment, visit and contact our Vida Clinic Care Team at 512-518-2209 or by email at

El centro de salud mental en la escuela de Austin ISD, Vida Clinic, ofrecerá servicios de teleterapia a toda la comunidad de Austin ISD. Estos servicios permitirán a adultos y estudiantes acceder a servicios de salud mental con alta calidad desde sus propios hogares. Para programar una cita, visite y comuníquese con nuestro Equipo de atención de Vida Clinic al 512-518-2209 o por correo electrónico a

Laura Rifkin Banks, LCSW

Director of Program Development

Vida Clinic


Virtual Care for Kids

Austin ISD Families,

Due to the threat of COVID-19 Virtual Care for Kids is expanding the partnership with AISD to include at-home telemedicine care to serve our families and reduce the spread of the virus.

Virtual Care for Kids has agreed to waive all copays for all AISD telemedicine visits.

In addition, students with Medicaid will receive free care. If your child is uninsured and doesn't receive free/reduced lunch, the AISD Crisis Support Fund ( is providing vouchers to families to receive telemedicine care for free.

Before we can treat your children, you need you to register them at We urge parents and guardians to act now and not wait until you have a medical need.

To see a provider visit:

We have pediatric providers on-demand and we are currently keeping wait times below two minutes. Please do not expose your family to COVID-19 by leaving your house, these visits are accessible FROM HOME on any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

We understand that this is an alarming time for many people in the Austin community, and we never want the economic status of a family to prevent them from receiving the medical care they need as we practice social distancing. Our goal is to increase access to care for families while also limiting exposure to COVID-19 and we feel that providing care virtually is the best way to accomplish that.

Please help us stop the spread and flatten the curve by sharing this information on social media and through email with your friends and family. By avoiding medical facilities and limiting exposure, you may save someone’s life.

Together, we can stop the spread of COVID-19.


Paul Cruz, PhD
AISD Superintendent

Tracy A. Spinner, M.Ed.
AISD Director, Comprehensive Health & Mental Health

UIL Updates

Please visit the link for UIL scheduling information.

UIL Announces Extended Suspension of All UIL Activities — University Interscholastic League (UIL)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. AUSTIN — The University Interscholastic League (UIL) is extending its suspension of all UIL sanctioned activities due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in Texas. All contests, practices, rehearsals and workouts will remain suspended until further notice.

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