Beyond PowerPoint

1st hour; description--2nd hour; hands on

Team Rubric Focus



Lesson Structure and Pacing


You can upload powerpoints you already have and make them interactive with questions, quizzes and even have students draw.

We will participate in a live session now. Please log into nearpod or bring the app up on your device. Mrs. Robertson will give you the enter code.


Either of these is a one page webpage where you can put information, links to other sites, students can add comments at the end of your page with items they liked or did not understand.

This is a great way to pace a lesson and include all your material in one place.

This page is an example of a Smore, Tackk works and looks very similar.


This is a professional looking slide show that the teacher or student can put summarized information in and then choose a theme and the program does the rest.


This is a non liner presentation tool that allows for zooming, embedded video, and much more.


Part of your Office 365 subscription. Much like PowerPoint except they use "cards" where you can place pictures and information.