McDonald's in Mexico

Globalization Application.

Our McDonald's relates to globalization because the menu, building and dress code have been changed to accommodate the culture of Mexico. For example, the design of the building. The building is designed to be a sombrero because sombreros are associated with the Mexican culture. The employees wear ponchos and sombreros because again, they represent the mexican culture. The food goes along with the mexican culture also. Our McDonald's in Mexico is related to globalization because the basic idea of McDonald's has ben adapted and changed by different countries to go along with the country's culture.

Employee Dress Code

The employees at McDonalds will be wearing a Sombrero with the yellow M (symbol of McDonalds) on the front. They will also be wearing a Poncho with a blank white tee shirt underneath. Along with the poncho, they will all wear blue jeans and boots.
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Building Design

The building will be a larger version of the sombrero that the employees wear. The building will be a large sombrero with a giant yellow M on the front (the symbol of McDonalds). There will be patio seating on either side of the sombrero. Inside, there will be a second floor which will contain a window at the very tip.
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Key Menu Items

Additional Menu Items


Steak, Cheese, Eggs, Pico de gallo with a side of refried beans.


Two soft tortillas filled with cheese, pico de gallo and steak. Comes with a side of refried beans or Mexican rice.

Spicy Chicken:

Served with your choice of Mexican rice or refried beans.


Chips with your choice of meat and cheese.

Tortilla Soup:

Tomato soup with corn tortilla strips, chicken, chilies, avocados, cheese.


Fried pastry with honey on the side.


Fried pastry strips with cinnamon sugar and honey dipping sauce.

(Chips with queso and/or guacamole available upon request)