Merry Christmas Kingdom Kids Team!

Happy New Year, too!

Blessings to You!

You are the ones who make ECC's ministry to children and their families possible. Thank you for your faithful service!

Please be sure to visit the Teacher Resource Room to pick up your Christmas card and calendar - a small gift with our BIG thanks!

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You've Got Mail!

Email - Please be sure to check your email regularly for Kingdom Kids information. This is our most effective way to communicate with our wonderful, big team!

Mail Center - Each person who serves in children's ministry now has a file folder that will be used as a "mailbox" for schedules, updates, and maybe even some fun goodies! Be sure to visit the resource room and check your mailbox regularly.

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Under the Weather?

This time of the year often brings sniffles and coughs for the kids - and for their teachers! It happens to everyone, so please use your best judgement about serving when you are not feeling well. If you think it is best not to serve, please do what you can to find a replacement. If you are unexpectedly unable to serve:

Call the ECC general mailbox phone (733-4071) and leave a message to let us know who will be taking your place or that you were not able to find a replacement.

Please do not contact Kingdom Kids leaders with last minute schedule changes. We will not see emails and often cannot check our phones during church service hours. The service coordinator will get messages that come in through the general inbox phone at the number above and we will be able to take care of getting coverage for the kiddos.