The Gospel of Matthew


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"His blood be on us and on our children."

Who is the author of Matthew?

Unknown. It is most likely a Jewish Christian. The Gospel is traditionally attributed to the Apostle Matthew.
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When was the Gospel of Matthew written?

AD 85 c.
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Who is the audience of the Gospel of Matthew?

A mixed community of primarily Jewish Christians with Gentiles as well. The audience is in danger of falling away and going back to Judaism.

What is the Church's animal symbol for the Gospel of Matthew?

Man. Man symbolizes the genealogy of Jesus' human origins with which the gospel begins.

What is the Christology in the Gospel of Matthew?

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What is theme in the Gospel of Matthew?

In bringing a New Covenant, Jesus, who is Messiah fulfills the Old Covenant. Jesus has authority from God to initiate the New Covenant and passes this authority on to his apostles.
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Why is the genealogy special in the Gospel of Matthew?

It only goes back to Abraham when there were definitely more people before him. Also, 5 women were named in the genealogy. All of these 5 women had special things happen to them around their pregnancy.
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What is unique about the infancy narratives in the Gospel of Matthew?

This is the only Gospel where it talks about the Magi who follow the star, the flight into Egypt, the massacre of the infants, and the return from Egypt.
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What is a unique story in the Gospel of Matthew?

The Lord's Prayer or the Our Father is introduced in Matthew 6:9-10.
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Who is a model disciple in the Gospel of Matthew?

There is no model disciple. An overview of what it means to be a disciple is present in this Gospel.
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What is a unique parable in the Gospel of Matthew?

The Parable of the Weeds among the Wheat. Jesus explains that a judgment is coming. Jesus says that all of the people who cause others to sin will be punished but the righteous will be with God in heaven.
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List of Some Facts in the Gospel of Matthew

1. Jesus was the King of the Jews

2. Quotes the Old Testament 130 times

3. Uses Old Testament in a rich way

4. Matthew is the Church's Gospel

5. Jesus, in Matthew, is a teacher

6. Makes Jesus out to be the "New Moses"- Moses received the 10 Commandments on a mountain and Jesus shared the Beatitudes on a mountain

7. Only Gospel that has Judas's hanging

8. Only Gospel to have a guard stationed at the tomb of Jesus