LDAP School of Futures

Lord Dobbious Albertus Potter School of the Futures

Headmaster - Aijaz Parpia

"While we may come from different places and speak in different tongues, our hearts beat as one."

Our Mission

The school of Lord Dobbious Albertues Potter School of the Futures mission is for young adults to explore how the STEM program can help them. Also find ways and use our methods to not only help communities back home but also create a global impact.

How does the school work?

The school is split into five main houses. Each house is for where the student decides to make a difference in. For example, if the student wants to help fix problems in Africa then he is put in that specific house.

What is it about?

The Lord Dobbious Albertus Potter School of the Futures is a school who invites young teenagers who want to make a difference in their and others lives. LDAP School of Future allows students from around the globe to come together in one school and make a difference around the globe.


The Hungarian Horntail

It has black scales and is lizard-like in appearance. It also has yellow eyes, bronze horns and similarly coloured spikes that protrude from its long tail.
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You have been selected

Dear teenager, you have been selected from the 7.4 billion people around the globe to come to our school. You and teenagers from around the globe will be the first class to be part of this outstanding school. You and 2500 others will have the chance to witness this school first hand. You have been chosen to be a guest in the Hungarian Horntail house.

If you are interested in this opportunity come to our open house on April 6th. Visit our website, which is down below, for more details. We hope to see you soon.

Sincerely, Headmaster Aijaz

Bell schedule

The school has an odd schedule but our excessive research shows that this works. The basic schedule for a student would be going be six classes per semester. We like to give the student freedom and responsibility so two out of the six classes are free classes. In these two classes a student can study for other classes, play around with friends, take a nap, or go to town.

The Headmaster

The creation of this school has come to live with the mindset of the great headmaster Aijaz. He has taken his vision and his obsession with his favorite book and movie series Harry Potter.

Aijaz graduated from Yale the class of 2016. His vision was for kids to be like him and he is ready to do that. He has spoken to us and said the following " My hope for this school is to make teenagers make a difference in this world." (Aijaz)

School Flag

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School mascot

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