Technology Bytes

November Edition

Multifunction Printers!

A few notes about the new multifunction printers:

Some MFPs are in areas where classes are being held and copying should not be going on during class time. That is why there is also one located in the Teacher's workroom.

  • 2 Sided Printing is defaulted on when printing from a computer. If you want single sided printing, you will need to remember to change the feature in the Xerox Settings.
  • Delete the OLD Lounge, Océ, and Media Center Printers from your printer list.
  • Only the 570 multifunction printers will 2 and 3 hole punch.

BEST PRACTICE: Please remember when you are done copying at the MFP, you need to press the Clear All button two times, and then press confirm on the screen. That will clear out all settings for the next person to use it. If you aren't sure the person before you cleared all, it is ok for you to complete this process.

BEST PRACTICE: If you see printing with banner pages, instead of leaving them in a pile, let's start placing the printing in people's mailboxes. Thanks!

Secure Printing vs. Normal Printing

When you print without using secure print, a banner page will print out with each print job. See picture below for a sample. If you use secure printing, your print job will be sent to the multifunction printer and held there until you release it. Because you have to go and release the job, there is no need for a banner page. The multifunction printer will also hold the job for up to 3 days. Using secure printing does not hold anyone else up from using the multifunction printers.

Looking for Clipart?

Is Your Laptop Slowing Down?

If you find your laptop has become slow to respond, check your desktop. Are you using your desktop as your Documents Folder? Yes, having all of those documents on your desktop will slow down your laptop. Consider moving the documents to the Documents Folder. If you need quick access to a particular folder, I can show you some tricks that will help. Just let me know.

Warning about an iPhone App (Especially if you have children who install apps)

Technology in Action

The video you see below is of Mrs. Johnston's second grade class. They have been working hard on learning math strategies for addition and subtraction. The video shows the students on a QR Code scavenger hunt. They scanned the start card and on the screen a math problem appeared. The students needed to solve that math problem then find a card in the room that had that number on it. They would then scan the code on that card to get the next math problem. They continued this until they made it to the end. We set very clear expectations about how to hold the iPad and how they were to move around the room. They did a great job!

QR Code Scavenger Hunt