Thanksgiving on Thursday

Mary Pope Osborne

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plot outline


jack,annie,Captain Standish,and priscilla

climax My good part of the story is when jack goes hanging a few feet off the ground,with a rope around his ankle.He stepped into a hunting trap.The pilgrims came and they were all the same but one was different from everyone else in the crowd.his skin was brown .A deer skin hung over his shoulder.His black hair was braided had a feather in it.Jack wondered that was squanto.The indian who helped out the pilgrims?Two pilgrims who stepped had a smile on his face.The other was frowning. ''good day"The friendly-looking man said.The man said ''who art you" (who are you).

''I'm Annie," said Annie.''this is my brother,Jack.Annie said.


plymouth colony

rising action

Jack gets stuck by a hunting rope his glasses and hat and bag fallen to the ground.

rising action

Squanto showed them how to catch eel. Jack grabbed itwith both hands both hands.theeel was long and skinny like a snake.It felt slimy and icky.It twisted and squirmed.Annie laughed as jack's hands and bumping into jack.

falling action

jack tried to take out the turkey out so he wrapped his fingers around the handle of the iron spit. He shouted. the handle was super hot.He yanked his hand away and knocked the spit of its legs.


They eat turkey and all other food.The man wanted to teach Annie and Jack to grow corn but they had to go.they got on top of the tree jack and Annie close there eyes.Jack open his eyes and they were wearing their own cloths again.They got of the tree house and ran home to see there grandmother's to have Thanksgiving.

mam vs man